Auburn Football Investigation: Chaz Ramsey To Submit To NCAA Interview

After one round of cold feet, former Auburn offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey has agreed to be questioned by the NCAA following his allegations on HBO's Real Sports that he received illegal benefits while playing for the Tigers.

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Auburn Football Investigation: Chaz Ramzey Agrees To NCAA Interview

It's been over a week since we've heard anything interesting out of that pesky Auburn football illegal benefits story, but let it never be said the spider-gods that operate the gears and levers of college football are forgetful type: Chaz Ramsey is going to talk to the NCAA after all. This is a particularly interesting development because Ramsey, in the HBO special, described events that fell within the acceptable timeline laid out in the NCAA's statute of limitations. SB Nation's Track Em Tigers reminds us that Ramsey also has a history with the university that might charitably be called acrimonious:

Chaz Ramsey's Auburn career ended prematurely with a back injury around the time of the 2007 Peach Bowl. He and his family subsequently sued line coach Hugh Nall, and trainer Arnold Gamber, for supposedly ignoring doctor's orders regarding his rehab. During the media investigation, it was revealed that Ramsey himself wasn't necessarily big on following doctor's orders, taking part in a ski trip while he was supposed to be resting his back. The lawsuit was tossed out of court, basically due to lack of evidence.

You'll recall the would-be whistleblower already turned the Association down once because Auburn attorneys wanted to be present for Ramsey's detailing of (presumably) the money handshakes and illicit student ticket sales taking place on the Plains, but they appear to have cut him a deal:

Ramsey said today Auburn won't be represented at the NCAA interview and that the information he provides won't be disclosed to the school. "I wouldn't like Auburn to be there," Ramsey said. "The NCAA wanted to talk to me, so the NCAA is going to talk to me." When asked if he knows names of boosters or coaches who provided payments to Auburn players, Ramsey replied, "I may." He declined to elaborate.

For an offensive lineman, Ramsey, you're being awfully coy.

Recall, too, that though he's speaking on the record, it's the NCAA we're talking about here, and that makes that record unlikely to see the light of day (or internet) for some time ... but won't it be fun to speculate? If he goes in there and does anything less than straight-up accuse Bobby Lowder of witchcraft, we'll be bitterly disappointed.

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