Report: Tyler Gabbert Backing Out Of Louisville Transfer Plans

Tyler Gabbert, younger brother of Blaine and erstwhile heir to the Missouri quarterbacking throne, will transfer from the program after finishing second in the team's post-spring depth chart derby.

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Tyler Gabbert Already Leaving Louisville, According To Reports

Details are sketchy, and Charlie Strong is apparently out of the country and unable to provide them, but our own Card Chronicle is reporting that recently confirmed transfer quarterback Tyler Gabbert may already be making tracks out of Louisville:

A source told me this afternoon that Gabbert, who had been in Louisville for less than a week, left this morning to return home and has no plans to come back. According to Anderson and co-host Andy Sweeney, Gabbert would like to re-join the team at Missouri, but the Tiger staff is not interested. Mizzou recently received a commitment from highly-touted class of 2012 QB Maty Mauk.

Gabbert's father has been playing coy with local media outlets; meanwhile, message-board chatter out of the Midwest paints the dad as the problem. Card Chronicle, for their part, isn't quite sure how to credit the scuttlebutt, but regrets the decision no matter who made it: 

Even if Gabbert - or, perhaps more accurately, the Gabbert family - had the potential to be a negative distraction, I still err slightly on the side of viewing his departure as bad news. It's not anything close to a program-changer and will almost certainly be largely forgotten once actual football starts being played, but Louisville is undeniably thin at the quarterback position right now, and Gabbert isn't without talent.

Louisville opens the 2011 college football season at home against Murray State, on Thursday, September 1. Expect to hear that Gabbert and Tate Forcier have thrown their respective transfer derbies by the wayside and formed a speed-metal band sometime within the next week. 


Tyler Gabbert Chooses Louisville As Transfer Destination

Missouri will play Gabbert-free football this fall, with departed starter Blaine embarking on a pro career in Jacksonville, and younger brother Tyler now known to be decamping for Louisville. Charlie Strong has confirmed via his official Twitter account that the latest-model Gabbertback will join the Cardinals for the 2011 season. 

It's a curious choice for Gabbert, given that his stated reason for leaving the Tigers was to pursue more playing time. As our Louisville blog tells it, he's got a good relationship with quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson, who tried to recruit him to Nebraska while working for the Huskers, but playing time may be even harder to come by with the Cardinals fielding a junior starting QB in Will Stein and nurturing a fledgling star in Teddy Bridgewater:

My guess is the Cardinal coaching staff sold Gabbert on the fact that U of L has used three different quarterbacks in each of the past two seasons. Still, Gabbert must be aware of the very real possibility that Bridgewater ends up becoming the star and leader so many people believe he will. If that Cardinal fan's dream does indeed come to fruition, then meaningful snaps are going to be hard to come by from 2012-2014.

Louisville opens the 2011 season on Thursday, September 1, at home against Murray State. 

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