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NCAA's Miami investigation is finally (finally) over: Minor penalties for Canes

The great Nevin Shapiro scandal has lurched to a close. Review its glorious history here, which includes the Canes banning themselves from two bowls and an ACC Championship Game and the NCAA botching its own investigation multiple times.

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Miami: The NCAA's last stand

This was likely the last major thing the current model of the NCAA will ever do. What does it show us about how to rebuild?


No bowl ban for Miami

Miami's long tangle with the NCAA is just about finished, and the Canes are going bowling in 2013.


NCAA to finally announce Miami decision Tuesday

More than three years after the Nevin Shapiro story first began and two years after the NCAA got involved, the whole thing is finally coming to a close. The NCAA will announce its Miami verdict at 10 a.m. ET Tuesday, Miami will have 15 days to appeal, and that's that. The link above is a good explainer on where we stand at the moment.


Dyron Dye kicked off Miami football team

The now-former Hurricane was the last player still on the roster connected to the Nevin Shaprio NCAA investigation from 2011.


Miami player reports NCAA to police

Dyron Dye is going on the offensive.


NCAA going back to the Miami well

The NCAA may already be embarrassed thanks to its investigation of Miami athletics, but the college athletics governing body is going back to the well one more time.


NCAA 'offended' by Miami attack on investigators

Enforcement staff head Jonathan Duncan penned a lengthy defense of the NCAA's probe into the Miami football program, refuting some claims made by the school against investigators.


Miami wants Kyle Wright testimony out of NCAA case

The former-Hurricanes quarterback acknowledged receiving benefits from Nevin Shaprio in an interview with former-NCAA Investigator Rich Johanningmeier.


NCAA wanted Nevin Shapiro case over quickly

The NCAA might have moved on from the Nevin Shapiro case a little bit too quickly, according to a former NCAA investigator assigned to handle it.


Miami looks to dismiss case

The NCAA has already botched its investigation into the University of Miami, and now the school is attempting to see the case dropped.


Miami vs. NCAA gets the Judge Judy treatment

We've let this case play out in kangaroo court long enough. Time to get an expert on the scene. It's Judge Judy time.


Mark Emmert is a horse

Horses are incapable of some things, but they are very good at other things.


More NCAA slip-ups in Miami investigation come out

The NCAA had already owned up to various missteps in the Miami investigation, but now there's more that they didn't reveal in their self-investigation. The school will use the new claims as ammo when they continue to try and avoid punishment.


No shortage of turmoil at NCAA headquarters

Mark Emmert has a lot of problems on his hands these days, not the least of which being his own enforcement department, which is at odds with him over its conduct in its investigation of the Miami football program.


NCAA rep supported lenient Shapiro sentencing

Ameen Najjar, who was dismissed by the NCAA while investigating the Miami Hurricanes, wrote to a U.S. District Court judge that the rogue Hurricanes booster could be a future NCAA consultant.


Florida Senator says NCAA should be investigated

Many have been critical of the NCAA's notice of allegations against Miami, and that group now includes a South Florida state senator who called for Florida to investigate the NCAA's investigation.


John Swofford voices support for Miami

John Swofford complimented the Hurricanes for their conduct during the NCAA's probe into their athletics department and echoed Miami president Donna Shalala's call for an end to the case.


Clint Hurtt receives notice of allegations

Louisville may be forced to let Clint Hurtt go or face sanctions from the NCAA.


Explaining Miami's LOIC charge

What constitutes a lack of institutional control? What sort of sanctions follow the charge? Find the answers, and some specific examples from the past, here.


NCAA hits Miami with LOIC

The U has been served the NOA, and we're finally nearing the end.


Firing Emmert is not enough

The NCAA says that it will implement reforms in the wake of its bungling of the Miami scandal. But an actual lawyer explains why why the enforcement arm (and amateurism) should be scrapped altogether.


Miami: 'We have been wronged'

The NCAA has announced the findings of its investigation into its own investigation of Miami and the termination of Julie Roe Lach, former enforcement chief.


Anonymous NCAA investigator backs Miami case

An anonymous NCAA investigator defended the methods Miami investigators used to get information on the case. Here's why their explanation may not hold water.


The NCAA is a parasite

Don't half-step by suggesting the NCAA has a positive use. It does not, and never has.


The NCAA's worst deed yet

Hate the NCAA? An actual lawyer is here to explain why its misconduct during its Miami Hurricanes investigation is its most nefarious deed yet.


Miami lawyer had history of legal mistakes

Maria Elena Perez, the lawyer who reportedly caused flaws in the NCAA's investigation of the University of Miami, had been ruled legally ineffective by a Florida court in 2010.


NCAA might have botched Miami case

The NCAA is conducting an external review of improper investigation practices regarding the Nevin Shapiro case.


Former Miami assistant faces NCAA investigation

Former Miami and current Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt could face the brunt of the Nevin Shapiro allegations from the NCAA.


Report: Frank Haith Facing NCAA Charges

A notice of allegations regarding the NCAA's investigation into the Miami athletic program could spell big trouble for Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith.


Miami NCAA investigation reportedly nearing an end

The Hurricanes could learn their fate by this summer, according to the Associated Press.


America's last plantation

Almost everyone is outraged at the NCAA's handling of the Shapiro investigation. Robert Wheel explains how you can't be outraged at "guilty until proven innocent" unless you're outraged at players being unpaid too.


NCAA threatens former Hurricanes with ultimatum

The NCAA sent out a letter to several former Miami Hurricanes with an ultimatum to either talk to the NCAA about allegations or be considered guilty.


Miami skipping bowl, meaning GT-FSU

Miami announced the Hurricanes will forgo postseason play for an "unprecedented" second straight season, the school announces. This means the ACC title game will be Florida State vs. Georgia Tech.


Florida Football: Aubrey Hill Resigns Amid Nevin Shapiro Investigation


For more on Gators football, visit Florida blog Alligator Army, plus SEC blog Team Speed Kills and SB Nation Tampa Bay.


Miami Football Scandal Story Will Linger Until 2013, According To Report

Oh, right! The NCAA still has to drop the hammer on the Miami football program for the great Nevin Shapiro caper of 2011, which we'd unbelievably thought at one point was the worst thing that could happen to college football, or something like that. Those were simpler times, and I'm pretty sure we all really miss them.

So, when might the NCAA get around to doing that? From the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson:

A high-level UM official said the school hasn't been given an updated timetable by the NCAA but will not be surprised if it doesn't receive its punishment until after National Signing Day in February. The UM official was disgusted by minor violations found in the basketball program, such as providing transportation (including flights) to players' family members: "That should never happen."

Multiple Canes players suffered suspensions of varying lengths during the 2011 season, and the U chose to skip a 2011 bowl bid and repay Shapiro $83,000 in donations. All of that isn't going to be enough to assuage the NCAA's wrath here, and it's got a long time to boil.

For more on Canes football, visit Miami blog The 7th Floor.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


Nevin Shapiro Vows To Bring Down Miami, Predicts Death Penalty

In a series of angry emails to the Miami Herald, former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, who's in New Orleans prison for 20 years for a Ponzi scheme, threatened to reveal more information that could condemn the Hurricanes football program further. Miami officials are confident, according to the Herald, that Shapiro's threat of bringing the NCAA "death penalty," the same one used to effectively end SMU's football program in the late 1980s, on the 'Canes is an empty one.

Some of Shapiro's claims of cash dealings have been proved false by the NCAA, the Herald reported, including any wrongdoings surrounding current basketball player DeQuan Jones. There clearly was some wrongdoing going on, and players who were involved in the investigation but not at Miami have apparently given incriminating interviews with investigators. Others have abstained, according to the Herald. What's more, the NCAA hasn't contacted many former players named in the original Yahoo! Sports report, and even if they had, they aren't required to assist in the investigation.

The Herald doesn't believe that the death penalty will be leveled either. Here's the end of their in-depth report (which you should read in is entirety):

Michael Ward, who's in charge of Newark's FBI division (which investigated Shapiro's Ponzi scheme), said Shapiro's allegations "against the players would not rise to the level of a federal crime. There is no FBI investigation of Shapiro's allegations."

Overall, Shapiro sounds like a desperate man, willing to say anything to exact revenge and still furious that "once the [ex-UM] players turned pro, they turned their back on me.'' Incredibly, he says of himself, "I'm more of a victim than a Ponzi schemer and assailant." The federal government doesn't see it that way.

For all news and updates on the Hurricanes, visit The 7th Floor.


Miami Coach Joe Pannunzio Introduced Player To Nevin Shapiro, According To Report

Former Miami Hurricanes tight ends and special teams coach Joe Pannunzio was named in Charles Robinson's initial report as one who "facilitated [Nevin Shapiro] having improper contact with recruits." According to various sources, Pannunzio was on hand on multiple occasions while Shapiro met with players.

Now the Alabama Crimson Tide's director of football operations, Pannunzio has again been accused of setting up Shapiro with incoming football players. According to the Miami Herald, the father of a player who was mentioned in Robinson's report said:

"How did my son even meet this creep? He would never have met Shapiro without Pannunzio," said the father, who requested anonymity because the NCAA has asked the players not to reveal what they said. "To have one of the coaches deliver him up to this guy, it's incredible."

Little by little, the first wave of reporting is being verified and supplemented by others.

For more on the Canes, head to Miami Hurricanes blog The 7th Floor.


Miami Football Delays Release Of Depth Chart, Awaiting Ruling From NCAA

If you're a fan of Miami Hurricanes football and you're hoping to find out soon what players can play against the Maryland Terrapins and which players can't, today is not your lucky day. The release of the Hurricanes' depth chart is still being delayed as head coach Al Golden and the university wait on the NCAA to inform them whether or not eight players are eligible. The good news is that Golden says he expects to hear from the NCAA within 48 hours.

The biggest name player with eligibility concerns is senior quarterback Jacory Harris, who has been involved in a battle with sophomore Stephen Morris for the starting quarterback job. Golden has called the race a dead heat, but if the NCAA decision is delayed too long, questions about Harris's eligibility could cause his decision to be made for him.

For more on Shapiro's claims and the NCAA investigation into Miami football, stay with this StoryStream. To check in with Miami fans, head over to The 7th Floor.


SitRep: Nevin Shapiro Sends Miami Hurricanes To Football Hell

Spencer Hall offers a Situation Report on the rapidly unfolding Miami Hurricanes football program following Yahoo! Sports' all-encompassing and highly-damaging investigation into Nevin Shapiro's prohibited benefits. The damage is extensive, with many casualties.


Miami booster airs out Hurricanes

If the initial reports about the NCAA investigation into the University of Miami over claims made by former booster Nevin Shapiro were the warning shot across UM's bow, then the Yahoo! Sports report by Charles Robinson that just went live is the neutron bomb that blew everything wide open.

From prison, where he is serving time for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme, Shapiro outlined the many, many violations that took place between himself and athletes on the Miami football and basketball teams between 2002 and 2010.

72 Miami athletes have been named in the claims and Yahoo! will be naming all of them shortly.

The violations that Shapiro has discussed are varied. There are the predictable (money, strip clubs, yacht trips) and then there are the slightly less predictable:

Shapiro named 39 Miami players or prospective recruits who he says received prostitution paid for by the booster. Due to the sensitivity of the claims, Yahoo! Sports has chosen not to reveal the names of the players Shapiro claims were involved. However, two players confirmed the booster paid for sexual favors for themselves and others during their careers with the Hurricanes.

One former offensive starter for the Hurricanes confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that he had sex with a prostitute paid for by Shapiro and confirmed that other teammates did as well.

When one escort became pregnant, Shapiro reportedly paid for her abortion without consulting with the player who got her pregnant.

Shapiro also allegedly bought Devin Hester his engagement ring, so it wasn't all just about the paid sex either.

Go read the full report and meet back here later to discuss in much greater details.

For more on Shapiro's claims and the NCAA investigation, stay with this StoryStream. To check-in with Miami fans, head over to The 7th Floor Blog.


NCAA questioning Miami

According to a report, the NCAA is investigating the University of Miami over allegations made by a former booster who is currently in prison.

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