Nike 2011 Pro Combat Uniforms For Oregon, Boise State: Now Ready For Actual Combat

Nike always manages to blow our minds with their apocalypse-ready Pro Combat uniforms, and 2011 is no different. CBS Sports got an exclusive look at the new uniforms for Oregon and Boise State, and of all the descriptions, this detail jumped out from the rest:

"the 2011 Oregon football jerseys ... are built out of Nike Flywire technology (which is the same stuff in the sides of most of your new Nike shoes), and includes ultra-strong Kevlar (bulletproof!) stitching in the collar as well.

So, yes, the jerseys are partially bulletproof:


You can see more Oregon photos here. Photos of Boise State's new look are after the jump.

You can read more about Boise's look here, and the entire uniform looks this:


The white-on-white look automatically makes any team look about 40% cooler (and faster) than their opponents, so there's no way this new look can be considered a bad thing. But what takes the look from "kinda cool" to "totally awesome" has gotta be the helmets.


Guys, THAT HORSE. As Spencer Hall wrote at EDSBS, "It looks like the headgear of your starting linebacker, DEATH. It looks like the wargear of an angry horsepeople bent on reducing your civilization to a pile of raped ashes." For a football team, particularly a football team otherwise consigned to the placid realities of life in Boise, a little dark sorcery is always a good thing. Particularly if the dark sorcery is a Nike-sponsored white angel of death.

But ... It's not bulletproof. Does that give the edge back to Oregon? VOTE.

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