College Football Funhouse: Denard Robinson, America And Ugly Trophies

We might've already seen the game of the year, but the weekend offered up plenty of other treasures worthy of preserving.

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SitRep: Denard Robinson's Meritorious Service, And The Rest Of Saturday's College Football

Denard Robinson's game for the ages against Notre Dame leads the Week 2 SitRep.


VIDEO: Michigan Vs. Notre Dame Highlights, One For The Ages After All

When it was announced that the Michigan Wolverines would be playing a home night game for the first time in their approximately 80,000-year history, and doing so while wearing special faux-throwback uniforms against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, two schools of thought emerged.

The first being that this is a classic matchup of classic programs in a classic setting with an exciting twist, and the second being that neither of these teams is very good at football. It was like being told we all had to go to Grandma's house for a week, and not the Grandma we like, but the one who insists on doing old person things like watching Notre Dame and Michigan.

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But, thanks to the late-game mastery of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, we arrived at a happy place of which both young and old could eagerly approve. Grandma's house was awesome! Robinson finished with 432 yards and four touchdowns, offsetting his three interceptions and once again crushing Irish hopes.

Michigan emerged the 35-31 winner, coming back from 17 down in the fourth quarter and regaining multiple final-minute leads. If you're just now joining us, you read that right. The Wolverines became the 2010 Wolverines again after a dabbling into ManBall, turning Robinson loose because they had no other option but to turn Robinson loose. 

Of course, they were helped by the fact that the Irish remained the Week 1 Irish, at one point turning the ball over while a tumble away from a touchdown for the fifth time this season.

The video highlights:

For more, head to Michigan blog Maize N Brew and Notre Dame blog One Foot Down.

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