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Nike Pro Combat Uniforms 2011: LSU, Ohio State Among Final Teams Released

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PHOTOS: Army And Navy Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

While it's fun to see Nike do all kinds of wacky things with the uniforms of college football teams, most notably Oregon, some uniforms just shouldn't be messed with too much. That's why it's awesome that Nike kept it classy with their Pro Combat uniforms for the Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen. Both got a great updated look without deviating from their classic uniforms too much. These are absolutely, 100 percent right on the money.


I'm a big fan of the numbering and the black sleeves. Here's Navy.


Blue and gold with some white accents. No nonsense. I can't come up with a negative word to say about either of these. Even with all of the different combinations that Nike has come up with for Oregon and other schools, this might be their finest work. And who's more deserving of their finest work than Army and Navy? You can check out the complete albums on Nike Football's facebook page.


PHOTOS: Stanford Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

The Nike Pro Combat uniforms that the Stanford Cardinal got handed are a They're not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but there's just a little issue with the jersey. See, the helmet and the shoes are absolutely fantastic. Nike couldn't have possibly done a better job with the helmets and the shoes. The jersey itself, though? It's just okay, and that's unfortunate. People are going to notice the jersey if they watch Stanford play in these, much more so than the helmets or the shoes.


Maybe I just don't like this shade of red? There's certainly nothing inherently wrong with these. They just don't quite pop like the others do. Now, onto the kicks.


These are just hot. No disagreements? Nope? Didn't think so. Helmets!


This is easily the best part of the whole uniform. Black matte helmets are never not fantastic. Sometimes they don't quite go with the rest of the jersey, but that's always the fault of the rest of the jersey, not the helmets. For the entire album, check out Nike Football's facebook page.

For more on the uniforms and the Stanford Cardinal, head on over to Rule Of Tree.


PHOTOS: Michigan State Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

Some of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms are absolutely fantastic. All of them are at least fairly well done and palatable. Except one. That one is the Michigan State Spartans, who appear to have gotten the short end of the stick. Sparty's fans are unlikely to be happy with these uniforms. Partially because they're ugly, and partially because everyone in Michigan is threatened by change.


Seriously, what is this? The black "Spartans" on the dark green jersey is terrible. And what's with the gold number and accents? Since when does Michigan State use anything that resembles gold, ever? Why is Sparty now the University of South Florida? This is terrible.


Ugh more gold. Gold gold gold. These shoes are making by brain hurt. These colors are all over the place. I don't have anything more to say about this uniform set, except no. For the complete photo album, check out Nike Football's Facebook page.

For more on Michigan State and their new uniforms, head over to The Only Colors (that site's name does not reference gold. In case you were wondering, Nike).


PHOTOS: Ohio State Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

The Ohio State Buckeyes are among the teams getting some Nike Pro Combat uniforms for this season. To be completely honest...they're not the greatest. They're not atrocious, but compared to some of the other Pro Combat uniforms that Nike has done for college football teams, they just don't quite stack up. First, let's take a look at the uniform.


I can't be alone in liking the shads of red and pewter on the normal Ohio State uniforms a little better than this. It's okay, but it's not an improvement on the regular uniform. It might be possible to convince me otherwise, but I can take or leave this one. The helmet, though? We're going to have problems.


The numbers on the side and the red stripe down the middle are bad. Absolutely a downgrade from the regular Ohio State helmets. Your other work gets you a pass on this one, Nike, but this isn't your best. Check out the entire Ohio State Pro Combat uniform gallery on Nike Football's facebook page.

For more on Ohio State and their new uniforms, head on over to Along The Olentangy.


PHOTOS: LSU Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Released

The Oregon Ducks have the benefit of using approximately eleventy billion different uniforms from Nike every year, but seeing as Nike is a very large manufacturer of various sporting equipment, they like to make uniforms for a few other teams. The Oregon and Boise State Pro Combat uniforms were released earlier this year, and Nike has finally released the uniforms for a few other teams. One of those teams is the LSU Tigers. Here's some LSU swag.


It's tough to have any complaints about these uniforms. There's no odd color scheme, they didn't mess with the school's normal colors, and the uniform is subtle and simple without being incredibly boring. All in all, it's very well done. The shoes, though? Those might be a bit more polarizing.


Love the shoes? Hate the shoes? I can't decide. I don't think they're mediocre. Maybe I'm just not a gold fan? These should probably spark some argument. Check out the entire photo album on Nike Football's facebook page.

For more on LSU and their new swag, head on over to And The Valley Shook.

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