Dan Beebe Resigns As Big 12 Commissioner, Replaced By Chuck Neinas

The Dan Beebe era is over for the Big 12, with Chuck Neinas coming on as interim commissioner.

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Oklahoma Announces Six-Year Big 12 Reform, Chuck Neinas As Interim Commish

At a Thursday night press conference, University of Oklahoma president David Boren ran through a series of reforms meant to keep the Big 12 conference intact. The most important: the conference has a six-year media rights agreement. Under such a deal, if a school leaves, the conference will retain that school's Tier 1 and Tier 2 media rights until the end of the six-year period.

(That means the Big 12 would continue to get the national or regional television money for the school's football and basketball games. This still would allow the Texas Longhorns to keep the Longhorn Network.)

Boren also announced the Big 12 is looking to expand, "reactivating" its expansion committee. He pointed out Oklahoma gets to remain in a "geographically contiguous" conference that will be better for students and the families of athletes. His bit on a healthy heartland conference being good for America ... that might sound corny and like the kind of thing school presidents say when it concerns the interests of their own schools, but I totally agree with him.

Oh, and that Chuck Neinas will be the new interim commissioner. Boren endeavored to compliment outgoing commissioner Dan Beebe ("decent human being") and noted Neinas recommended "over half of the sitting athletic directors" in the Big 12.

That six-year agreement is significant, because if Texas and Oklahoma actually are happy with the media money coming into the conference, the entire house of cards could actually stand. As Stewart Mandel pointed out, it's "more ironclad than an exit fee." Oklahoma might not actually be happy at all, and could still just be putting the best face on its current situation. That's fine.

For more, stop by Oklahoma Sooners blog Crimson And Cream Machine and Texas Longhorns blog Burnt Orange Nation.


Replacing Dan Beebe: Chuck Neinas, Big 12 Have Mutual Interest

As Wednesday night reports broke that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe would soon step down, one name emerged above all the rest as his potential interim replacement. Chuck Neinas is that name. Neinas has now confirmed he's been approached about the job, according to the KC Star's Mike DeArmond, and that he's applied, according to CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd.

Neinas does not have an untarnished reputation, having worked as a coaching hire consultant amid a couple of questionable scenarios. But he has many reputations, as he's had lots and lots of jobs.

Beebe's command of the Big 12 has been precarious for a while now, with the Oklahoma Sooners reportedly demanding his exit earlier in the week. He's led the conference since 2007, during which time it has lost three teams and almost four more. Sounds like a pretty fun job to walk into.

For more on conference realignment, head to our ... you'll never guess ... conference realignment StoryStream.


Dan Beebe Expected To Depart As Big 12 Commissioner Thursday

Following reports on Wednesday that Dan Beebe could be departing as Big 12 Commissioner in the near future, the Kansas City Star is reporting that Beebe is working on his exit package and that his departure from the job could be announced on Thursday. Beebe has become unpopular with some of the presidents of Big 12 schools during the current conference realignment mess, likely leading to his making way for some new blood.

When Colorado and Nebraska departed the Big 12 last year but no one else followed, Beebe was widely praised for saving the conference. Between the creation of the Longhorn Network, Texas A&M's departure to the SEC and rumors of a Pac-12 annexation of Big 12 teams - which is no longer happening - public opinion of Beebe seems to have shifted significantly.

Reportedly, Oklahoma is only willing to stay in the Big 12 on the condition that a new commissioner is appointed, which gives the conference a very good reason to replace Beebe. Whenever his replacement is named, that person will likely begin the process of trying to expand the conference, at the very least with a replacement for Texas A&M.

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