College Football Rankings, Sept. 6: USA Today Coaches Poll Kills Oregon, Holds Broncos Steady

Here we go again? Boise State put together a convincing road victory against a power opponent, yet made very little noise in the USA Today Coaches' Poll.

Despite beating a ranked SEC team on the road and in an environment that might've even been more hostile than said SEC  team's own home stadium, the Boise St. Broncos budged only slightly in the Week 1 edition of the USA Today Coaches' Poll. And that's with the formerly No. 3 Oregon Ducks losing (and tumbling about one billion spots for falling in a likewise hostile environment to a very good team they didn't have to play).

Boise State entered the season at No. 7, and right in the middle of the top 10 they shall remain until teams above them start losing, I guess.

The Oklahoma Sooners maintain their No. 1 spot, with a pair of SEC teams following behind -- the Alabama Crimson Tide and LSU Tigers, both of whom earned a few first-place votes. Oregon tumbled to No. 14 from No. 3, while the TCU Horned Frogs fell 10 spots.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Georgia Bulldogs exit the top 25, while the Arizona St. Sun Devils and West Virginia Mountaineers gain entry. Somehow, the Auburn Tigers are still ranked, and life is funny.

The next five receiving votes: Baylor, USF, Iowa, Utah and Georgia. Apparently TCU looked better than Baylor in TCU's loss to Baylor?

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week's poll
1. Oklahoma (43) 1-0 1,454 1
2. Alabama (9) 1-0 1,412 2
3. LSU (7) 1-0 1,366 4
4. Florida State 1-0 1,198 5
5. Boise State 1-0 1,197 7
6. Stanford 1-0 1,180 6
7. Oklahoma State 1-0 1,038 8
8. Texas A&M 1-0 997 9
9. Wisconsin 1-0 988 10
10. Nebraska 1-0 910 11
11. Virginia Tech 1-0 863 13
12. South Carolina 1-0 827 12
13. Arkansas 1-0 786 14
14. Oregon 0-1 752 3
15. Ohio State 1-0 686 16
16. Michigan State 1-0 584 17
17. Mississippi State 1-0 497 20
18. Florida 1-0 375 23
19. Missouri 1-0 309 21
20. Penn State 1-0 247 25
21. Texas 1-0 231 24
22. Auburn 1-0 197 19
23. Arizona State 1-0 189 NR
24. West Virginia 1-0 185 NR
25. TCU 0-1 140 15

For more, stay tuned to SB Nation's college football news hub and visit one of our many college football blogs.

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