VIDEO: 'Shutdown Fullback' Attempts To Cover March Madness

shutdown fullback 3

The world's only college football show is now also the world's only college basketball show. It's March, y'all! Let's dunk some freakin' baskets!

This week, Spencer Hall and I are ditching football to talk about the NCAA Tournament. The basketball one, that is, and not the FCS playoffs. Still think Liberty should've made it in this year. They had two wins against tourney teams, and with a ... sorry.

Since we don't know anything about basketball other than the Big East is good at it, and the SEC isn't, we'll give it our best shot. Join us as we visit with accomplished bracketnometrist and possible felon David Duff and we'll help you fill out brackets that definitely exist somewhere. Invisible Brain Worms may be underseeded, but it will get a stiff challenge from Lou Holtz nevertheless.

Also, bonus material! Below the video, our 20 favorite basketball guys.

Cool Basketball Dudes

Spencer Hall Jason Kirk

10 Frank Martin. I loved the series Deadwood. This means you, by definition, love the Deadwood of coaches, Frank Martin. Frank Martin once punched a cow and made a hundred steaks in an instant. Fear him. Paul Hewitt. #RonP4PaulHewitt'sBuyout? In #RonP's dreams.

9 Ron Artest. Was willing to fight twenty thousand people in a single go, drank at halftime, and he thanked his therapist after winning a championship. Buzz Williams.

8 Lundquist/Raftery. Gary Danielson may be his football partner, but it's Bill who completes Uncle Verne's vaudeville act like no other. AAU Coaches. Because something's got to be dirtier than college football recruiting.

7 Kevin Durant. Showed up to a college flag football game during the lockout because, um, he just wanted to, man. Karl Malone. Dunno if anybody realizes this, but Karl Malone might be Randy Moss' uncle.

6 Frank Haith. Wore a chain on national TV. Jay Bilas, Chris Webber, all Van Gundysand Kenny Smith. College football needs basketball's TV guys even more than it needs a playoff.

5 Nolan Richardson. Told everyone in Arkansas to kiss his ass just after winning a title, which made little sense, but was highly entertaining. Chris Bosh. We'll never figure out how a NBA GIF Tumblr became sentient, but we're all better for it.

4 John Calipari. He's pretty much James Caan from the Program indoors. Josh Smith. There ain't no Good Josh. There ain't no Bad Josh. There's only you and me, and we are all Josh Smith.

3 Runners. You make the hoops world go round, guys. Charles Barkley. He is Charles Barkley.

2 One Shining Moment. Because "Videotape" and "Suicidal Thoughts" were about suicide, but didn't want to make you commit suicide. Bruce Pearl. Any man who loses a job due to complications arising from barbecue can coach my team forever.

1 Bob Huggins. The man. The myth. The fan pictures with visible black eyes. Bob Huggins. My cat is named after Bob Huggins. She's husky, yelly, and wears only track suits.

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