Baylor Fans Chant 'Big 12 Rejects' At Colorado, And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

In which Baylor fans get creative with the conference realignment story line at the expense of Colorado, all in the name of fun.

The Baylor Bears have had a pretty good sporting year, from Robert Griffin III to a men's Sweet Sixteen run to a monstrous women's hoops team to a brand new football stadium. Pretty good, I say.

Thus a Big 12 afterthought has, for now, become one of the conference's stars. So after the men's team knocked out former conference foe Colorado on Saturday, Baylor fans loosed a mighty conference realignment joke (those are the best!), chanting, "Big 12 rejects" at the Buffs:

Colorado joined the Pac-12 last year, you see.

It's been a busy spring for conference realignment chant-based humor, especially with Mizzou fans hollering "SEC" at everything in sight before going out and proving actions speak louder than words. Oh, you're definitely SEC now, y'all.

Baylor's may be one of the most ironic sports chant ever unreeled, and I'd like to salute its creators for devising it. If nothing about it strikes you as odd, then you're probably a normal person, and congratulations on that! Let's walk this thing back anyway.

Colorado left the Big 12 on purpose.

Colorado wasn't kicked out of the Big 12. Baylor fans know this. This is the entire joke, of course, and it's a pretty good one. We're all still winking at each other just fine here.

Colorado's in a better place now. They left the Big 12 for a conference with more money and more stability. Look at all the money Utah says it's made from taking the same leap. The biggest inter-conference drama they have to deal with now involves a recruiting coordinator leaving one school for another. No more duels every high noon. Just surfin' the future.

But there's more going on here, and I'm just trollable enough to get stuck thinking about it. After this point, I'm reading entirely too much into a pretty good joke. What follows is completely my fault, and not that of Baylor fans. Thanks.

Moving on:

Baylor tried to take Colorado's Pac-12 invite.

Back during Round 1 of the recent conference realignment rush, half of the Big 12 was supposed to join the Pac-12. Colorado was included. Baylor was not.

Baylor was upset about this, and Texas lawmakers started saying so. The whole thing fizzled out, and eventually just Colorado left from the Big 12 for the Pac-12. This was the first, but not the last, time the Pac-12 rejected Baylor.

(Political involvement, of course, is how Baylor ended up in the Big 12 at the expense of TCU to begin with, back when Texas and its many associates became SOUTH-WEST-REE-JECTS CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP. It's kind of how they do things in Texas.)

Colorado didn't want Texas and Oklahoma in the Pac-12, let alone Baylor.

In 2011, the Big 12's top tier was again about to be absorbed by the Pac-12. Colorado was the first to express disapproval. Months later, the Pac-12 rejected Texas and Texas' many satellites. That list of tag-alongs didn't include Baylor.

Big 12 reject? Texas was a Pac-12 reject. Texas Tech was a second-hand Pac-12 reject. Baylor wasn't mentioned at all.

Baylor begged Texas A&M not to reject the Big 12.

Colorado left the Big 12 without anyone in the conference putting up a major fuss. The Buffaloes even paid $19 million for the chance to break from Texas' orbit. But when Texas A&M wanted to leave, Baylor invoked the sanctity of Lone Star football, lobbied in D.C., and threatened to sue.

Texas A&M still rejected Baylor's conference for the SEC. Texas A&M is now also a Big 12 reject, according to the very important logic at hand.

Baylor, that's not very Christian of you.

Whatever. It was funny, and the Lord appreciates a good piece of realignment whimsy just as much as the rest of us.

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