College Football's Getting A Playoff: Fans Around The Country React

So! College football's about to get itself a four-team playoff. This is great. At least the second or third biggest news in the sport's history, perhaps. The BCS says it's listening to the fans now, so how about we hear from those fans? Especially fans of teams uniquely affected by all of this? Let's check in with some of SB Nation's many fine college blogs.

First up, Boise State fans from One Bronco Nation Under God. While BSU still plans to head to the Big East even though it won't need automatic qualifier status any more (everybody knew that was going away in 2014 anyway), the sweetest news is this:

No longer does BSU need to get into the Top Two to have a chance at a national championship. Now, the top four will be good enough, and getting to the top four will be much easier when playing a Big East schedule devoid of New Mexicos and UNLVs.

We've got plenty of time to haggle over the details (or pretend like our haggling actually means anything to the hagglers) like where to play the games, but Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries focuses on priorities:

I'd love to see Penn State host a Final Four game on the final Saturday in December, with driving snow and wind, and some poor southern team freezing their asses off. But, right now, that's not going to get this deal done. And now is not a time to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Independents Notre Dame and BYU also have choices ahead of them. While the Irish were represented at the BCS table and insist they'll come out just fine, the Cougars weren't. How will schools without conferences fare in a system that may prefer conference champs? BYU fans at Vanquish The Foe aren't quite sure, while Notre Dame blog One Foot Down ain't worried, offering up a revenue prediction:

Notre Dame receives the equivalent to the payout for a Big Ten team under this agreement, calculated annually, and an equal opportunity to participate for the national championship and the other bowls. Notre Dame receives the same payouts as any top four or top fourteen teams for participation. The BCS receives access to five of the top ten TV markets, a huge fanbase and a non-compete clause.

Representatives from the party most responsible for all this (both on-field and off), SEC blog Team Speed Kills, see no necessary reason for the SEC's dominance to end:

In the "SEC golden era" that started in 2006, there have been three seasons (2006, 2008, 2011) in which the SEC would have taken up half the slots based on the last regular-season BCS rankings. That's half of the time, which might not be too annoying to fans of other conferences, but is probably going to get under the skin of guys like Jim Delany.

The fan base with good reason to hate the BCS more than anybody wants an even bigger playoff to ensure the little guys have a chance. Sayeth Utah fans at Block U:

The playoffs help produce a truer champion than what we've had. With four teams, instead of two, it's not hard to see why this is the case. However, it's hard to imagine any non-BCS team, outside an amazing multi-season run or extreme parity among other BCS teams, getting into this new playoff. Especially if it's based on a certain BCS formula. Only TCU in '08 '10 would have qualified for a spot in the postseason under the current BCS rules.

BC Interruption's Boston College fans agree, seeing as a top-four finish is unlikely for the Eagles, while even the Texas partisans at Barking Carnival favor a bigger field. Patience, fellas!

As for the fate of the bowls, Oregon State blog Building The Dam is confident it will still mean something when the Beavers make it next.

But let's get down to specifics! Every Day Should Be Saturday devises a plan that ... YEP we'll totally end up stuck with something just about this amazing:


IF finalist is Boise THEN rule is invalid SEE BOISE EXCLUSION RULE

IF omitted team on edge of four spot is TEXAS THEN place MACK BROWN in BATHYSPHERE and lower to BOTTOM OF MARIANAS TRENCH for silence initiation and isolation process.

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