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SEC Network details revealed

The SEC is soon to strike it really rich, this time setting up its own network a la the Big Ten's, but with ESPN.

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The 3 things to know about the SEC Network

The football power has college sports' biggest conference network before it even launches. Now can it also be the best?


Steve Spurrier makes SEC Network pay-for-play joke

The South Carolina coach uses his verbal powers for a cause.


SEC Network passes 90M homes with DTV, Charter

Verizon FiOS is now the only major holdout among potential SEC Network distributors.


SEC Network hits 60 million homes

And now we continue waiting on DirecTV.


Comcast deal puts SEC Network in 46 million homes

The addition of Comcast nearly doubles the SEC Network's previous reach.


An SEC Network ad of biblical proportions

The SEC Network has unveiled a new commercial during SEC Media Days about the head football coaches of -- you guessed it! -- the SEC. Take a look, but also a listen:

That's Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around," a song written specifically about the second coming of Jesus Christ as foretold in the New Testament's Book of Revelation. On its face, the commercial is a neat play on the song's title (we guess), but given that Day 1 here in Hoover has been marked by the TBD punishment of Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall by head coach Gus Malzahn, the lyrics are a bit ... foreboding?

There's a man going around taking names

And he decides who to free and who to blame

Everybody won't be treated all the same

There will be a golden ladder reaching down

When the man comes around

As if the deification of SEC head coaches needed any encouragement. College football. It's literally now a religion!


Ranking all 14 SEC Network school ads

ESPN's SEC Network released a 40-second spot for each SEC school. SO LET'S RANK THEM.


DISH picks up SEC Network, LHN; Now What?

The two networks get a big boost of 14 million subscribers with the new carriage deal.


SEC Network gets official launch date

The SEC's dedicated 24-hour network will go live shortly before the start of the 2014 football season.


Paul Finebaum joins ESPN and the SEC Network

The master of SEC talk radio as combat sport joins ESPN and the new SEC Network.


SEC Network vs. Big Ten Network

Which college sports conference network reigns supreme? Let's find out in the only way the internet knows how to resolve abstract disputes.


A burden of riches

Thursday in Atlanta, the SEC and ESPN revealed a collaboration that will pump even more money into southern college sports.


SEC Network FAQ

Thursday is SEC Network day. Follow along here for notes on the news as it breaks in Atlanta.


SEC Network expectations

The SEC and ESPN are partnering on a SEC-only TV network, which will be revealed soon.


Slive: SEC Network set for April unveiling

The long-rumored SEC TV network will be formally announced in April, according to commissioner Mike Slive.


SEC Network Coming, Expansion Money Could Be Less Than Hoped For

The ACC's re-upped television deal with ESPN currently projects to average more money per school per year than the SEC's deal with ESPN and CBS. The ACC makes more money than the SEC! That's not counting the fact that the SEC's about to alter its own deals and is apparently building a SEC Network, the Sports Business Journal reports:

That's big news. We'll have to wait and see what that looks like.

As for the latter part, CBS, which gets the SEC's best games (its Tier 1 games), may feel it has little reason to pay very much more for the additions of Texas A&M and Missouri since SEC games already do well enough in those markets, or what have you. CBS is already carried nationwide, so there's no way to expand its footprint, only its ratings in places where it already is.

Think about it -- how many games per year will Mizzou play that will be better than everything else the SEC has to offer that week? One or two, tops?

Still, this doesn't mean ESPN won't pay more, and it doesn't mean a SEC Network won't do very well. But it is very important to note the whole point of realignment -- getting more TV money -- isn't quite as automatic as other conferences made it look to those of us on the outside.


SEC Set To Re-Negotiate TV Contracts, Now That Expansion's Done

SEC commissioner Mike Slive met with the Missouri Tigers' KC Tiger Club Tuesday. Dave Matter has the best list of quotes, including Slive shooting down any Longhorn Network-esque concerns and refusing to explain how Mizzou wound up in the East, but this may be the most important note:

That's Mike Alden, Mizzou athletic director, who like his Texas A&M counterpart is set to get exceedingly richer. Other SEC ADs will only get far richer, not exceedingly richer, as they're all already exceedingly rich.

The SEC's TV contracts included language that would allow the conference to re-negotiate in the event of new teams joining up. With those new teams delivering* at least three very big TV markets, the SEC's set to cash in and show everybody what all this fuss was all about.

* Conference realignment rule: if any sports team is anywhere near any big city, then it's assumed by the people in charge that said city is absolutely insane about the local team and will tune in to watch any game involving the local team. This is the only thing conference realignment is about.

For more on Mizzou football, visit Missouri blog Rock M Nation, plus SEC blog Team Speed Kills, SB Nation Kansas City and SB Nation St. Louis.

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