LINCOLN NE - OCTOBER 16: A dejected Nebraska Cornhusker fan shows his displeasure during second half action of the game between the Nebraska Cornhusker and the Texas Longhorns at Memorial Stadium on October 16 2010 in Lincoln Nebraska. Texas Defeated Nebraska 20-13. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

Nebraska's Ron Brown Remaining Firm In Public Anti-Gay Stance

Nebraska assistant coach Ron Brown remains steadfast in his opposition to a law that would treat anti-gay bias the same as any other type of discrimination.

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Ron Brown Writes Open Letter, Won't Testify On Anti-Bias Proposal

If you expected Nebraska Cornhuskers running backs coach Ron Brown to give in on his very public views on gay rights, you are now finding yourself surprised. Brown has written a letter to the Lincoln Journal Star on his role as both a leader of certain young people and an opponent of laws that seek to protect certain young people. An excerpt from the letter:

Not all of my players have agreed with the Bible's views. One example, of many, would be those choosing heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Though the Bible teaches this as sin, I haven't penalized them with playing time or discrimination of any sort. Because I love them, I've invested in them even outside of football and gently asked them to consider God's view on it.

If I coached a gay player, because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, I would do the same. If he didn't agree, I wouldn't penalize him with playing time or any form of discrimination.

I have and will embrace every player I coach, gay or straight ... but I won't embrace a legal policy that supports a lifestyle that God calls sin.

Brown also says he won't testify against a local proposal to add discrimination protections for gay citizens, saying, "I realized it was going to be a circus, and everybody knows what I think. My views stay the same."

Also in the Journal Star, coach Bo Pelini defended Brown. "I hired Ron Brown because of who he is and the type of person he is," Pelini said. "He's never brought negative attention to our program."

For more on Huskers football, visit Nebraska blog Corn Nation, plus Big Ten blog Off Tackle Empire.

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