College Football Playoffs: Which Cities Should Host Title Games?

Detroit and Tampa are among the cities which have made it known they want in on college football's upcoming tournament action, both offering their title game-hosting services. With semifinal games all but certain to end up at bowl game sites, let's go on ahead and turn our attention to where all these championship games are going to happen.

Here's a list of potential destinations along with some noteworthy figures -- excluding college towns, since their itty-bitty 105,000-seat stadiums can't handle college football games, but San Diego's 70,000-seater has been good enough for three Super Bowls.

Oh, right, the list, followed by a poll:

(By "Bowl/CCG/NSG City," I mean, "Does this city host a bowl, conference championship game, or major and regular neutral-side game?")

City Stadium Capacity Stadium Age Weather Concerns? Bowl/CCG/NSG City? BCS City? Super Bowls

Atlanta 71149 20* Dome Bowl/CCG/NSG 2

Boston 68756 10 Yes

Charlotte 73298 16 Sort of Bowl/CCG

Chicago 61500 88 Yes

Cleveland 73200 13 Yes

D.C. 82200 15 Yes Bowl

Dallas 100000ish 3 Retractable Bowl/NSG 1

Denver 76125 11 Yes

Detroit 65000 10 Dome Bowl/CCG 2

Houston 72000 10 Retractable Bowl 2

Indianapolis 63000 4 Dome CCG 1

Jacksonville 76867 17 Nah Bowl/NSG 1

Kansas City 79101 42 Sort of

Los Angeles 93607 89** Nah BCS Bowl Yes 7

Miami 74916 25 Nah BCS Bowl Yes 10

Minneapolis 65000*** 30*** Dome 1

Nashville 68804 13 Sort of Bowl

New Orleans 76468 37 Dome BCS Bowl Yes 10

New York 82566 3 Yes Bowl 1

Philadelphia 68532 9 Yes

Phoenix 63400 6 Retractable BCS Bowl Yes 3

San Diego 70561 45 Nah Bowl 3

San Francisco 75000**** 42**** Nah Bowl

Seattle 67000 10 Yes

Tampa 65647 14 Nah Bowl 4

* Getting a new one soon with a retractable roof. All we do 'round here is blow up perfectly good stuff.

** Probably getting a new one whenever the Jaguars or whoever show up.

*** Getting a new one pretty soon, probably without a collapsible roof.

**** New one coming in 2014.

While we’re here, let’s watch some college football videos from SB Nation’s new YouTube channel together:

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube

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