Someone Please Give Nebraska's Eric Martin His Checks

Nebraska defensive end Eric Martin has not received his checks yet. Which checks in particular has not been determined, but we can surmise he's yet to obtain some sort of life-sustaining payment from his institution.

This information was ascertained by observing the following highly entertaining Twitter rant, which went up in volumes Tuesday night:

Strugglin man. I miss summer pel grant like that was something to be here for in the summer, now it's like why be here in the summer? Broke... Broke... Broke... I know compliance is watchin my tweets WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!

I have a quarter tank of gas left, how am I suppose to get to practice and class WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Rent, cell phone, utilities, credit card bill, car insurance, gas, and food WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Some teammates got kids WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Surviving off protein drinks WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Sleeping off hunger WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Driving extra slow to save gas WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!! Running red lights so you dont waste gas at the red lights WE NEED OUR CHECKS. Don't wanna hangout wit no one because you don't wanna drive there WE NEED OUR CHECKS. Drinkin water till you get full WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Playing the game to take the hunger off yo mind WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Value/Dollar menu cost to much WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Thinkin bout applying to be a construction worker in Lincoln WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Coaches wondering why everyones body fat going down WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Selling old games back to the game store for a dinner WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Becoming friends wit the owner of the pawn shop WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! My kitchen lookin like "The Landing" WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! When everything taste good even things you dont like WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! Thinkin bout catching one of those deer that runs across my yard WE NEE OUR CHECKS!! Thinkin bout setting a rabbit trap I saw them make on survival man WE NEED OUR CHECKS!! How does squirrel taste?? WE NEED OUR CHECKS!!

Hopefully I got my point across.

Simply a masterful and preacherly use of repetition, and I'll be damned if you're not gonna use WE NEED OUR CHECKS as a response to every injustice you come across for the rest of the day. Please give the young man his checks.

For more on Huskers football, visit Nebraska blog Corn Nation, plus Big Ten blog Off Tackle Empire.

While we’re here, let’s watch some of the many fine college football videos from SB Nation’s Youtube channel:

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