College Football Saturday: Arkansas, Wisconsin, SEC Rookies Fall

Remember when we thought this would be a boring week? Two top-15 teams were dealt major upsets, and that's just the start of it. Check the complete Week 2 TV schedule, national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

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This Week In Schadenfreude: The Hog Containment Field Has Been Shut Off

Arkansas losing to ULM has set Slimer loose on the internet. A Kansas fan inadvertently references the crucifixion, thread devolves into armadillos speed discussion. Wisconsin is North Korea. Things are spelled correctly!


The Alphabetical, Week 2: The Week Of The Bulldog

The Alphabetical this week explains the Week of the Bulldog, and knows exactly four things about college football two weeks into the season.


The Numerical, Week 2: 1-Man Offenses And The Spike Factor

Looking at the numbers that mattered in Week 2 of the college football season.


Watch 'Shutdown Fullback' Slap Itself In The Face!

SLAP! College football's Week 2 is done, and your team probably lost to a Pac-12 team or somebody from Louisiana! Fear not, as the world's only college football show is here to make sense of it all.


Snap Judgments: Strong Finishes Help SEC East Old Guard, Deep Pac-12 Roars

Week 2 saw the SEC's traditions upheld: Florida and Georgia defended the conference against new blood, and the West remained a 'Bama-LSU race. Meanwhile, the Pac-12 is looking like a deeper league than expected.


The Most Taylor Martinez GIF

Terrible throw? Check. Throwing into double-coverage? Check. Throwing motion that looks more suited for a javelin than a football. Check, check and check. This is the most Taylor Martinez GIF.


Yep. Just perfect armpuntery.


UL Monroe Beats Arkansas, In GIFs

If I had a webcam on, my actions would be pretty much the same as this UL-Monroe fan. In fact, I'd venture to guess that most people would look like her after watching the Warhawks not only convert a fourth and one in overtime, but score the game-winning touchdown on the play to knock off Arkansas.

This was the reaction from the crowd. It's one great reason why college football is the best. Just the best.


Been there, ma'am.

Even the cops were happy! Look at this act of sheer joy. Don't see it very often.


And this ... well, this is the winner. It's amazing.


Down he goes! When celebrating with the crowd goes wrong, we all win.

On the other side, the sad trombone was strong...


For more on Arkansas, please be sure to check out our blog Arkansas Expats, ourCollege Football Hub and SB Nation for all the latest news and updates.


Gus Johnson Can Sure Call A Safety

Gus Johnson needs to call every safety, ever. Watch what happens as Gus tries to say Nebraska juuuuust as Taylor Martinez is being sacked in the end zone.

That's "Nebrask-uuuuuuuh OH SAFETY!" Thanks, Gus. Never change.


Mora Football, Now With More Ill-Advised Trickeration

I'm not sure anyone was fooled by UCLA's weird "We're kicking a field goal, wait lol no we're not" formation. We know the struggles of the UCLA kickers by now. We get it. And I think everyone else does, too.

So instead of kicking a field goal, UCLA lined up in the typical place-kicking formation, then motion into some kind of alien getup. And then chucked it deep. Predictably, this idea did not work at all.

Good job, good effort.


Keith Price's Mouthguard Is Fun

This is probably the most Keith Price thing I've seen.


via @cjzero

That says "SWAG." Of course it does. Considering how the Huskies' game against LSU is going, it should say "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE." Too long?


Missouri Now Trying Bounce Passes, Ball Still Running Away

This about sums up the Missouri-Georgia game.


Earlier, the ball tried to escape. And I'm pretty sure it's trying to run away again. At this point, I can't blame the ball for wanting to get the heck out of dodge.


Cameron Morgan With The Catch Of The Week

So this is the catch of the week, in all likelihood, and perhaps a catch of the year candidate. Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Morgan!


Check the national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.


Devon Walker Injury: Tulane Safety Receives CPR On Field, Leaves In Ambulance

Tulane safety Devon Walker was taken off the field in an ambulance at H.A. Chapman Stadium in Tulsa, Okla. after having CPR administered to him following an apparent head and/or neck injury in the Green Wave's game against Tulsa on Saturday.

The injury occurred on the final play of the first half, as Walker attempted to make a play on a Tulsa player, but inadvertently collided with his own teammate instead.

Walker stopped breathing at one point after medical personnel removed his helmet and shoulder pads. However, it was confirmed that Walker was breathing and responsive by the time he was loaded into the ambulance.

Walker, a senior from New Orleans, La., was playing in his 31st career game on Saturday. He has accumulated 47 tackles, four pass break-ups, and a forced fumble in three seasons at Tulane.

Below is the hit that injured him.

Check the national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


Watch A Replay Of 'The Solid Verbal'

Miss The Solid Verbal live show? Catch up on all the action and check out the replay.


Dylan Thompson Starting Over Connor Shaw For South Carolina

South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Connor Shaw will not start Saturday, head coach Steve Spurrier told ESPN.

Dylan Thompson will start for the Gamecocks against the East Carolina Pirates.

Shaw suffered a bruised shoulder in South Carolina's season-opening win at the Vanderbilt Commodores on Aug. 30. Thompson played in Shaw's place, but he did not complete a pass in three attempts. Shaw was 7 for 11 with 67 yards and one interception. Shaw also rushed for 92 yards in the 17-13 win.

Shaw was injured in the second quarter against Vanderbilt after taking a helmet to his throwing shoulder. After three series with Thompson under center, Shaw returned, visibly in pain.

The Associated Press reported Sunday that Shaw could "barely lift his right arm" and would miss a few days of practice. The AP then reported Friday that a decision on Shaw would likely be withheld until just before kickoff, and Spurrier maintained that Shaw would not play if he were in any pain.

The Gamecocks kick off against East Carolina at 12:31 p.m. ET.

For more news, notes and analysis from around NCAA football, visit SB Nation's college football hub.


SB Nation's Good Bull Hunting Makes College GameDay

Good Bull Hunting, SB Nation's just-launched Texas A&M Aggies blog, has already made the small screen on Saturday with an appearance on ESPN's College GameDay. College Station is hosting the show, which makes this no surprise:


via ColoradoAg

Texas A&M and Florida play at 3:30 p.m ET on ESPN. This will be the Aggies' first SEC game and Florida's first game in the Hate Barn.

Check the national college football scoreboard right here, and look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


SEC Orientation Week: Keys To Florida-Texas A&M, Georgia-Missouri

Both the Florida-Texas A&M and Georgia-Missouri games can be boiled down to a single key each; and no, they aren't "old man football," "SEC SPEEEEEED" or the spread offense. Let's go a bit deeper than that.


Rootability Index, Week 2: Weird Games Deserve Weird Outcomes

With its return this week, the Rootability Index attempts to help the non-invested college football fan lean one way or another in this week's slate of games using the same logic the random fan uses: that is, none at all.


College Football Betting Picks Week 2: Mississippi State Will Make Auburn 0-2

Week 2 offers a distinct lack of marquee games, but the money from a winning wager on a bad team spends just fine.


Watch 'Shutdown Fullback' Preview SEC Debut Games And More!

This week, the world's only college football show also becomes the first show to ever chronicle Texas A&M and Missouri having to play SEC their first games, now that they've gone and joined the SEC. This will go just fine!

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