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Put all NFL blog analysis and play breakdowns here.

Why the run game is struggling

TheJacksonville Jaguars have struggled to run the football through the first three games of the season, and as Eric Stoner explains, a lot of those issues are from the same reoccurring mistakes.

Breaking down Fisch - Part 2

Eric Stoner breaks down some of the repeated concepts from Jedd Fisch's tenure as the offensive coordinator of the Miami Hurricanes.

Film Breakdown: Draft Sleeper Kyle Juszczyk

With no first round pick and a cap penalty to their name, the Redskins will need to find contributors with some later round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. One draft 'sleeper' that caught my eye...

The Film Room: Projecting The 2013 Texans Defense


I hope you missed reading my nonsensical ramblings as much as I missed writing them.

Reading a defense from your couch

A quick how-to on reading defenses from that annoying broadcast camera angle. Learn about types of coverages and how to interprete what you see from a defense during an NFL broadcast.

Bears Playbook - Trestman's Short Pass Game


Three routes all on one side of the field - a defense can't stop them all. Here's how Marc Trestman replaces the run game with the pass.

Monte Kiffin's Coverage Scheme


Take a look into the playbook of the vaunted Tampa-2 secondary and examine Monte Kiffin's coverage scheme. How will the Cowboys personnel fit?

RGIII's Top 5 Touchdowns of 2012 in GIFs


A look at RGIII's best touchdowns of his rookie campaign, which include his 70-yard in the air pass TD to Aldrick Robinson vs the Cowboys and the exhilarating 76-yard scamper versus the Vikings to...

Super Bowl XXXII

Take a look back at super bowl 32, with a ton of good stuff every Bronco fan will love!!!

Play-Action Bootlegs Show Read-Option's Longevity

There have been plenty of people who doubt the longevity of the read-option on the NFL, but the play-action bootleg game might ultimately be the reason it's here to stay.

Bradley, the 4-3, and the LEO

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley runs a unique variation of the 4-3 that pulls from multiple defensive philosophies, utilizing something called a LEO. We explain what this all means.

All-22: Justin Smith's NFC Divisional Round Game


The Cowboy returns with one arm after missing a couple weeks. We take a look at the coach's film to see how he did against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Kaepernick and the new-look Niners on third down


In this piece, we take a look at Colin Kaepernick and the recent production from the 49ers offense on third down.

GGN Chalkboard: The 4-6 Defense


A brand new series on concepts you see in the NFL will be on the 4-6 bear defense run by current Jets coach Rex Ryan. We'll look at the formation, it's history and the concepts that you see on...

Film Study: How Not to Defend the Zone Read

Erik Walden and company show the best way to ensure that a read option play will burn your defense for a touchdown.

2012 snap count data: every player, every snap

Are you itching to know exactly how often a certain member of the Buffalo Bills was on the field during the 2012 season? Forget finding out on your own; this post has you covered.

The Film Room: How To Attack The Patriots' Defense

We take a look at how the Houston Texans can put up points against the notorious "bend but don't break" New England defense.

Anatomy of Pierre Garcon 88-Yard TD Vs Saints

Hogs Haven use the All-22 footage to breakdown the components of the Redskins play 'North Left Clamp Y Right Pass 18 Tiger Sift', which saw Pierre Garcon score an 88-yard touchdown in week one...

All-22 Film Breakdown: Anatomy of a Redskins Play

Hogs Haven use the All-22 footage to breakdown the components of the Redskins play "Pistol Fly To Trips Right 300 Jet Double Stick'.

Titans vs Jags Film Review: Climb and Throw


Plays like this are what we'll want to see more of out of our young quarterback in the future.

Redskins Be Wary Of Seahawks Outside Zone Read

With comparisons being made between the Redskins and Seahawks style of offense, we breakdown the main different between the two teams option plays.

The Final INT: The Essence Of Romo Defined

Tony Romo's last interception against the Washington Redskins has his critics, and some supporters, howling mad. Was it all his fault? A detailed breakdown explains what happened and why.

Analyzing Bryant's 58-Yard Score On The Saints


Using film screenshots, we break down Dez Bryant's first 58-yard score against the New Orleans Saints.

The Film Room: Warning - May Cause Heart Problems


We take an in depth look at Matt Schaub's decision making skills in Sunday's loss to the Vikings.

Chargers at Jets Defensive Analysis

The Chargers went out to New Jersey to face the struggling Jets and came away with a near record performance of 11 sacks. See how the front 7 dominated in this matchup.

Jets vs. Chargers Snap Totals


Below are the snap totals from the Jets-Chargers game. The first number is the total snaps played. The second is the percentage of snaps played on that side of the ball. Offense B Moore G 61 100%...

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