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Nightmares for a Week: Clay Matthews


Clay Matthews has caused headaches for the Bears since he entered the league. Week 14's thrashing exposed the immaturity in the Chicago Bears offensive line.

Titans vs. Jets Film Review: Slide in the Pocket


Sliding in the pocket and getting through progressions are a couple of things Locker will need to work on this offseason in order to take the next step in his game.

Low sack rate? Thank Freeman!


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the lowest sack rates in the NFL, but why is that?

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 15


The Bears allowed a returning Clay Mathews to notch another multi-sack game against their porous pass protection. I don't think I'm going to put myself through a Sackwatch 2013, unless the Bears...

Breaking Down Redskins Play-Action Post Concept

The Redskins most successful concept in the passing game this season has been the play-action post. We break down how it works, how Kyle Shanahan has adapted it to fit both Robert Griffin III and...

Bears Rulebook - Offensive Pass Interference 101


Alshon Jeffery got a strong lesson in what exactly offensive pass interference is. Time for you to get the same.

Film Room: Offensive line

The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled to protect the passer as well as open up holes in the ground game all year. Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country highlights a few plays that document their problems...

Breaking down the tape: Sackwatch Week 14


With just two sacks allowed, the Bears are now on the same pace as last season. If they can keep up solid pass protection the next three weeks they could get under the '11 total.

Defensive Analysis: Pagano Gets Tricky

The San Diego Chargers traveled to Pittsburgh and dominated the Steelers on route to a 34-24 victory that was much more lopsided than the score indicates. See how the defense held the Steelers at bay.

Video review: What happened to the run defense?

In a pivotal point in the game against the Detroit Lions, the Green Bay Packers went 59 yards in seven plays, all of them rushes. This film review breaks down what went wrong for the Lions.

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