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2013 NFL Draft: What Makes A Franchise QB?


To hell with measurables. Give me a guy that is smart enough to read a defense and stupid enough to willingly take a beating for fun.

BGN Exclusive: Todd Herremans Interview


Eagles starting offensive lineman Todd Herremans talks about his newly established charity, Chip Kelly, the Eagles QB situation, and more in this interview.

Tom Coughlin media tour comes to Big Blue View

Tom Coughlin's media tour to promote his book landed him on the phone with Big Blue View editor Ed Valentine on Wednesday. Here is part of our conversation.

2013 NFL Draft: William Hollis' amazing journey

William Hollis is the most unlikely of NFL hopefuls. His story is worth telling, and reading, however.

Exclusive: LeSean McCoy talks Kelly, Vick & Foles


Anyone who has been around the Eagles these past few seasons knows that if their is one word that doesn't describe LeSeaon McCoy, it is quiet. Which is why this offseason, and really most of last season, has been very different for McCoy.

What does it all mean?


The deal is not yet officially done but it's coming. The 49ers will trade Alex Smith to the Chiefs. What does this mean for the future of the Chiefs? For Matt Cassel? The No. 1 pick? We examine all of that.

Is it 2008 all over again?

With the recent trade by the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2013 NFL Draft is looking a lot like the 2008 draft, meaning the Jaguars might have a quarterback fall into their lap.

The 5 Great Myths About Brandon Weeden


Some truths and untruths of the great ginger menace.

Interview w/ Bobby Mitchell Talking Mascot & RGIII


Redskins legend, Bobby Mitchell, will be honored as a Hometown Hall of Famer this week. I had the chance to talk with him about that as well as other topics including RGIII and the Redskins mascot name.

Reading a defense from your couch

A quick how-to on reading defenses from that annoying broadcast camera angle. Learn about types of coverages and how to interprete what you see from a defense during an NFL broadcast.

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