Current 2013 NFL Draft order topped by Kansas City Chiefs

Jamie Squire

Some NFL teams are now halfway through their NFL seasons, so its time to begin looking at the 2013 NFL Draft order. Of course this is ridiculously early and it will change a great amount over the next nine weeks.

But it's still fun to start looking at the draft order. Right now, due to strength of schedule of teams played so far, the Kansas City Chiefs hold the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. If they finish with the top pick, the Chiefs could be on the verge of a franchise reset. Gone could be general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel.

With them gone a change at quarterback would likely come. Matt Cassel hasn't lived up to his contract and Brady Quinn has largely been a career backup. It's just a matter of determining which quarterback would be the best choice. That obviously won't be known for months, but the leading candidates are West Virginia's Geno Smith and Southern California's Matt Barkley. Between those two, most Chiefs fans would probably hope for a trade down.

[Arrowhead Pride: Who will be the Chiefs starting QB in 2013?]

Kansas City isn't the only team to note in the current draft order. Because of the Robert Griffin III trade with the Washington Redskins, the St. Louis Rams currently have two top 10 picks. The same team hasn't had two top 10 picks since 2000. That year the Redskins had the No. 2 and No. 3 picks and the Baltimore Ravens had the No. 5 and No. 10 picks.

According to the current strength of schedule percentages, the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears have played the easiest schedules in the NFL. The Bears currently project to the 30th pick while the 2-5 Saints are due to pick fifth.

Here is the full draft order. Tiebreakers were made with strength of schedule.

1. Kansas City Chiefs -1-6 (.531 SOS)
2. Carolina Panthers - 1-6 (.608 SOS)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 1-6 (.627 SOS)
4. Cleveland Browns - 2-6 (.526 SOS)
5. New Orleans Saints - 2-5 (.392 SOS)
6. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) - 3-5 (.559 SOS)
7. St. Louis Rams - 3-5 (.567 SOS)
8. Tennessee Titans - 3-5 (.569 SOS)
9. New York Jets - 3-5 (.614 SOS)
10. Cincinnati Bengals - 3-4 (.404 SOS)
11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 3-4 (.404 SOS)
12. San Diego Chargers - 3-4 (.431 SOS)
13. Buffalo Bills - 3-4 (.434 SOS)
14. Oakland Raiders - 3-4 (.490 SOS)
15. Detroit Lions - 3-4 (.556 SOS)
16. Dallas Cowboys - 3-4 (.596 SOS)
17. Philadelphia Eagles - 3-4 (.596 SOS)
18. Seattle Seahawks - 4-4 (.492 SOS)
19. Arizona Cardinals - 4-4 (.541 SOS)
20. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-3 (.423 SOS)

Teams currently on pace to make the playoffs where elimination will determine the proper order:

21. Indianapolis Colts - 4-3 (.463 SOS)
22. Miami Dolphins - 4-3 (.472 SOS)
23. Denver Broncos - 4-3 (.600 SOS)
24. Minnesota Vikings - 5-3 (.450 SOS)
25. New England Patriots - 5-3 (.475 SOS)
26. Green Bay Packers - 5-3 (.542 SOS)
27. Baltimore Ravens - 5-2 (.451 SOS)
28. New York Giants - 6-2 (.407 SOS)
29. San Francisco 49ers - 6-2 (.532 SOS)
30. Chicago Bears - 6-1 (.392 SOS)
31. Houston Texans - 6-1 (.481 SOS)
32. Atlanta Falcons - 7-0 (.360 SOS)

How do the schedules look of the teams currently picking in the top five? Glad you asked! The Chiefs and Panthers play two of the teams picking in the top five. That includes a Week 13 game that could go a long way in determining who gets the top pick in the draft. Here's who the top five teams play the rest of the season:

- Kansas City
Week 9: at San Diego
Week 10: at Pittsburgh
Week 11: vs. Cincinnati
Week 12: vs. Denver
Week 13: vs. Carolina
Week 14: at Cleveland
Week 15: at Oakland
Week 16: vs. Indianapolis
Week 17: at Denver

- Carolina:
Week 9: at Washington
Week 10: vs. Denver
Week 11: vs. Tampa Bay
Week 12: at Philadelphia
Week 13: at Kansas City
Week 14: vs. Atlanta
Week 15: at San Diego
Week 16: vs. Oakland
Week 17: at New Orleans

- Jacksonville:
Week 9: vs. Detroit
Week 10: vs. Indianapolis
Week 11: at Houston
Week 12: vs. Tennessee
Week 13: at Buffalo
Week 14: vs. New York Jets
Week 15: at Miami
Week 16: vs. New England
Week 17: at Tennessee

- Cleveland:
Week 9: vs. Baltimore
Week 10: BYE
Week 11: at Dallas
Week 12: vs. Pittsburgh
Week 13: at Oakland
Week 14: vs. Kansas City
Week 15: vs. Washington
Week 16: at Denver
Week 17: at Pittsburgh

- New Orleans:
Week 9: vs. Philadelphia
Week 10: vs. Atlanta
Week 11: at Oakland
Week 12: vs. San Francisco
Week 13: at Atlanta
Week 14: at New York Giants
Week 15: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 16: at Dallas
Week 17: vs. Carolina

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