2013 NFL Draft Monday mailbag: Assessing Cordarrelle Patterson as a prospect

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

In this week's mailbag, we talk about Cordarrelle Patterson, Arthur Brown and the draft needs of two NFC East teams.

Tennessee's search for a football coach seemed like it would never end. Each day brought another candidate and another rejection for the Volunteers.

The program finally settled on Butch Jones, who has coached Cincinnati since 2010. Davis is now tasked with returning the Tennessee football program to respectability. The first order of business for David and the Volunteers is to figure out whether or not some of the team's key offensive contributors from 2012 will be back in 2013.

Quarterback Tyler Bray and wide receivers Cordarrelle Patterson and Justin Hunter are all eligible for the 2013 NFL Draft and will have to make decisions about their futures within the next month.

Patterson has been a particularly captivating prospect, due to his playmaking ability and highlight reel speed. We discuss Patterson and much more in this week's Monday draft mailbag.

Note: If you want to have a question answered in the Monday mailbag, you can email me, contact me on Twitter @MatthewFairburn, or comment in the article below. I'll answer every question you guys send me and include the best ones in this column every week leading up to the draft.

Maurice: With all the hubbub over Tennessee's coach search fiasco, you got to think Tyler Bray and Cordarrelle Patterson are inclined to leave for the draft. Patterson doesn't look like a natural WR to me, yet he seems to have the skillset to score whenever he touches the ball. Where will he get drafted, and can you think of anyone in the NFL he compares to?

In my most recent mock draft, I had Cordarrelle Patterson coming off the board in the first round. That's his draft ceiling. If he declares, he will likely blow people away at the combine and rise up boards throughout the pre-draft process. He's an incomplete prospect who needs to work on his route running and be more physical.

The Julio Jones comparison has been thrown out a lot, but it doesn't fit because Jones is a much more physical player. In terms of being a raw route runner, Patterson compares to Demaryius Thomas coming out of Georgia Tech, but Thomas was much bigger. Jeremy Maclin seems to be a decent comparison, but I think Patterson will time better than Maclin did. Maybe a better comparison will come to me as I watch Patterson more.

From @FireTannebaum: Is Arthur Brown has the size to last as an ILB in a 3-4 defense?

I've gotten multiple questions about Arthur Brown, who I consider one of the best inside backers in this draft. He's instinctive and plays the game much bigger than his size. He excels in coverage and sheds blocks well. I think he can excel in either a 4-3 or 3-4 defense, though I prefer him in the 4-3. He would need to put on some weight if he wanted to play 3-4 ILB, but I don't doubt that he could fill that role nicely as well.

From @EricZinader: A lot of projetions have the Eagles going offensive line in the first round. What do you think?

Eagles fans are in an interesting spot. The team was not expected this bad. The roster has talent, but because of injuries and various other factors, Philadelphia could be picking in the top five come April.

So, what direction do the Eagles go in? Offensive line has been a big issues this year, but injuries have caused most of the failure. Still, it would be tough to blame the team for adding one of Jake Matthews or Luke Joeckel should they declare. However, it's too early to tell exactly where the team could be heading, considering the Eagles will probably have a new coach in 2013. That could mean a new defensive scheme or a coach that wants to draft his quarterback. We'll re-visit this one in a few months.

From @DaSkins804: What are some names to look out for in the second round at cornerback and free safety?

Redskins had their draft fun last April, as the team traded the house to move up and draft Robert Griffin III. With the way RG3 has performed as a rookie, Skins fans couldn't be happier with the trade. However, it has left them high and dry when it comes to looking at mock drafts for 2013 and figuring out which players the team can target to fill its needs.

Without a first rounder, the Redskins will be waiting around to address their needs in the secondary. At least one of the top five free safeties will fall out of the first round. LSU's Eric Reid, Florida's Matt Elam, Texas' Kenny Vacaro, Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson and Fresno State's Phillip Thomas will all be in the mix to be the first safety off the board, but a few of them will be around in the second round. As for cornerbacks, two of my favorites in that draft range are Logan Ryan of Rutgers and Desmond Trufant of Washington. Of the two, Ryan stands the better chance of coming off the board in round one.

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