NFL Combine 2013: Running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks arrive Thursday


Running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks are your day two arrivals for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Day one of the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine is in the books, though the at-home viewer wasn't treated to any kind of action just yet. Day two (Thursday, Feb. 21) will feature measurements, medical examinations, media and interviews for the first group of players that included offensive linemen, kickers and punters, other special teamers, and tight ends.

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Those same players won't go through significant workouts until Friday.

And as such, the players arriving on day two won't get into doing any kind of on-the-field workouts until Saturday. We're going to focus on who is arriving on Thursday in group two though, as a primer for what's ahead.

Day two features groups four, five and six, and the big-name offensive players are encompassed in this stable. Group four and five are both comprised of quarterbacks and wide receivers, while group six features running backs.

There's plenty of big names and intriguing names, especially at the quarterback position. Unlike recent seasons, this year, there is no consensus top quarterback. The direct result of this fact is that more quarterbacks are participating in full drills with hopes of standing out at the combine.

That includes players like Geno Smith of West Virginia and Matt Barkley of USC. Other players who will be throwing include Ryan Nassib of Syracuse and Tyler Wilson of Arkansas.

Like most years, the wide receivers will definitely be worth a watch. There aren't many rated very high in the draft, but the middle to end of the first round is littered with prime receiving talent if you go by many of the prominent mock drafts around the Internet.

Tavon Austin is one big name. He's under-sized for the position and the scouting combine will be his stage for showing the NFL that he's explosive and athletic enough to be worth a first round pick.

There's other big names, like DeAndre Hopkins out of Clemson and Cordarrelle Patterson out of Tennessee. These guys are going to be all about the measurements and the 40-yard dash drills. They want to show they have the measurables to solidify their spots in the first round.

On the running back side, there's a definite feeling that this is a lacking class. The top running back, Eddie Lacy, won't be participating in the combine drills due to a hamstring injury.

This could actually end up being beneficial to the rest of the running back class. Without Lacy there to impress scouts, some of the other running backs can shine and maybe even establish themselves as a top talent heading into the 2013 NFL Draft.

Guys like Giovani Bernard out of North Carolina, Montee Ball out of Wisconsin and Stepfan Taylor out of Stanford are all hoping to be one of the top running backs taken, but none of them have really stood out at the top of the class. These guys have the most to gain out of any other position at the combine.

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