2013 NFL Combine: Kawann Short under 300 pounds for 1st time since middle school

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Short, who was unable to work out due to a hamstring injury, weighed in at less than 300 pounds for the first time since his middle school days.

INDIANAPOLIS -- When former Purdue defensive tackle Kawann Short stepped on the scale at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine, the number that popped up was less than 300 for the first time since Short was in middle school.

Short weighed in at 299 pounds, which he feels is a weight that will make him a more effective player in the NFL.

"Yeah, I feel more versatile now," Short said. "My conditioning is way better than it used to be. I can play a lot more, I can run a lot more, and I can hustle. So that was the main thing I was trying to do, just find a weight I was comfortable at, and keep going at that."

Short laughed when asked the last time he came in under 300 pounds.

"Sixth grade -- no, I'm just playing," Short said. "But I want to say middle school, actually."

Short had an inconsistent senior season in which he was often criticized for having a motor that runs hot and cold. He thinks his current weight will be more conducive to lasting the entire game.

"It was my fault that I let my motor die," Short said on Saturday. "I was just trying to play an amount of snaps to help the team win, and doing my job. So I can say I should have tapped out a couple of times, but that's not my character. So I'm just trying to win. And as far as the weight I was at, really wasn't built for playing 80-plus snaps."

Short had an impressive showing at the Senior Bowl, but was unable to work out in Indianapolis due to a hamstring injury. He said he will work out for NFL teams at his pro day on March 25. Short knows he has his work cut out for him in a talented class of defensive tackles.

"All these guys are pretty good, so I'm just trying to go out every week and create a new name, and make sure everybody notices you," Short said. "It's pretty hard to stay consistent throughout the year."

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