Open thread: Community mock update, what's coming up

Al Bello

The 2013 NFL Draft is a little more than a month away. Crazy.

Beginning tomorrow on the site we'll be having the annual SB Nation writers mock draft. If you've been a regular reader of the site, you know about it. Each lead writer from an SB Nation team site makes a pick for their team. We run two rounds with no trades and three picks post per day. We publish at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m., so look for Kansas City's pick from Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride tomorrow morning.

Remember, since we still don't have FanPosts, feel free to use this post to put up your mock draft, position rankings or anything else. Considering it's March 20 and there has been no update about FanPosts, lets just assume they're not coming. Very sorry about this, but it's something out of my control.

Just to check the community, what would everyone like to see on the site? Maybe more importantly, what kind of stuff do you want to see us do after the draft?

I have a small Yahoo NCAA Tournament pick 'em group going, if you want to join. The group ID is 96024 and the password is danrules. There are no prizes, but you'll most likely finish better than me. My Final Four, which will probably change in an hour: Louisville, New Mexico, Miami and Michigan.

Lastly, our community mock draft is set for Saturday, March 30. I'm thinking 3 p.m. ET is a good time to start, unless a lot of people object. Here are the rules and who is assigned to teams:

- Two rounds, no trades.

- Picks are made by the person assigned to each team and that person only.

- Users get up to five minutes per pick.

- For the teams without a rep or if the time runs out, I'll be making the pick.

- If you fear you'll miss your pick, send me a big board – mockingthedraft(at)

Buffalo Bills - wallsofjeriko13

Miami Dolphins - bacattack51 (backup: AnishB15, PhinPhan910)

New England Patriots - Middlesex

New York Jets - Ameckles

Baltimore Ravens - Drew52

Cincinnati Bengals - Touhue Cha

Cleveland Browns - OldSaltyDawg (or Dan)

Pittsburgh Steelers - Tim Mulhaupt

Houston Texans - Brett Kollmann, The Night Owl

Indianapolis Colts - Jamkel

Jacksonville Jaguars - SIlentJag (Running fanpost on BCC)

Tennessee Titans - TheDUCKin'Noles10, Deaconbrodie

Denver Broncos - DBroncos1414

Kansas City Chiefs - Buster09

Oakland Raiders - TAW

San Diego Chargers - BritishBolt (backup: samfootball21)


Dallas Cowboys - kristopher.barrie

New York Giants - ct17, Invictus XI, Rorschach44

Philadelphia Eagles - colts4thewin

Washington Redskins - P_Hazard

Chicago Bears - Joeb'n777

Detroit Lions - Bradley La Brie

Green Bay Packers - BreezyBrew

Minnesota Vikings - christian.burnes

Atlanta Falcons - durst

Carolina Panthers - jkp1516 & vitzeng

New Orleans Saints - AnishB15

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - BuccaneerTalk

Arizona Cardinals - jte7

San Francisco 49ers - Gob

Seattle Seahawks - walkerrm2

St. Louis Rams - Team TST (joeyd3164, dbcouver, Josh Wehrle)

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