2013 NFL Draft: Chiefs reportedly hoping to trade No. 1 pick to teams needing quarterbacks


After getting Alex Smith, the Kansas City Chiefs don't need a quarterback -- but they hope other teams do, with the No. 1 pick up for grabs.

It seems the Kansas City Chiefs aren't interested in the No. 1 pick as much as they're interested in squeezing it for all its worth: with Alex Smith in the fold, they no longer need a quarterback, but other teams who do seem willing to trade up to ensure they can nab the best quarterback available.

The Chiefs are interested in an offensive or defensive lineman, of which there are several strong options worthy of top-ten picks: Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Bjoern Werner, Barkevious Mingo, etc. But teams that do need a quarterback might be willing to move up to ensure they can get their hands on somebody. As Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports writes:

Could one such bidder be the Oakland Raiders, owners of the No. 3 pick, where quarterback Carson Palmer appears willing to force himself out of the franchise?

"I certainly hope so," one Chiefs source said Thursday when asked about Palmer and whether his uncertain future could force the Raiders to deal.

Cole details how quarterbacks have gone first overall in the last four drafts and 10 of the last 12, although many believe this year's class of quarterbacks, highlighted by Geno Smith, doesn't necessarily merit a top selection.

It really all comes down to how desperate various teams get for a quarterback. Last year, Washington gave up three first-round picks and a second-round pick just to move up slightly to draft Robert Griffin III. That ended up working out for both teams -- the Rams got a slew of picks and held on to Sam Bradford; Washington got a franchise savior. Cole indicates the Chiefs are basically just hoping some team becomes convinced Smith can have the same impact on their franchise and that there's no other quarterback that can.

That doesn't seem to be a likely scenario -- Smith isn't the prospect Griffin was, and there isn't as big a gap between him and the other bunch of quarterbacks as there was between Griffin and Ryan Tannehill -- but if a team such as the Raiders or Jacksonville Jaguars becomes smitten, it would be a coup for the Chiefs, who would likely draft the same player with the first or third pick.

The Raiders are more likely to trade up than the Jaguars. The Jags at No. 2 only have the Chiefs to worry about, and the Chiefs aren't likely to select a quarterback. But if either gets paranoid enough, the pick is in play.

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