2013 NFL Draft all-overrated team: E.J. Manuel, Matt Scott among potential busts


Between now and April 25, we will be unveiling our All-Underrated and All-Overrated teams for the 2013 NFL Draft. Each team will be revealed position by position with a first-team selection, second-team selection and honorable mentions as we see fit. We continue with the all-overrated quarterbacks.

The quarterback class in the 2013 NFL Draft has come under plenty of criticism from those claiming the class lacks elite talent at the position. In the interest of piling on the quarterback class a bit more, we will compile a list of the most overrated signal callers this draft has to offer.

Remember, being overrated is all relative. A player doesn't necessarily need to be considered a first round prospect to be overrated, and a player that is seen as underrated by some could be looked at as overrated by others.

With the beating this class has taken, it's tough to include any of the highest ranked quarterbacks, because it seems like every one of them has been torn down by someone at some point. Here are a few guys that are receiving more buzz than their play warrants.

First team: E.J. Manuel, Florida State

People love to fall in love with physical tools, and E.J. Manuel has plenty of them. He's big, has a strong arm and can make plays with his feet. After the success teams had running the read option this season in the NFL, mobile quarterbacks have become a sought-after commodity.

But people are getting too caught up in Manuel's physical abilities and ignoring some of his potentially fatal flaws. The two glaring weaknesses in Manuel's game are his ability to sense and deal with pressure in the pocket, and his accuracy. Without those two traits, a quarterback is destined to have a difficult transition to the NFL. Manuel is probably the quarterback in this class most suited to run the read option in the NFL, but that's not saying much, and it certainly isn't any reason to make him a top-100 pick. With all of the buzz surrounding Manuel possibly coming off the board in the top-50, he's an easy choice as one of the draft's overrated quarterbacks.

Second-team: Mike Glennon, North Carolina State

As is the case with Manuel, Glennon inspires a lot of intrigue due to his prototypical size and arm strength. He shows the ability to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the ball down the field. However, when the pocket gets messy, the physical tools get masked by his inability to maneuver around the pocket and deliver the ball accurately on the move. To make matters worse, his decision making takes a hit under pressure as well. For all of his talent, Glennon could struggle in the NFL if he doesn't learn how to deal with pressure. He's a day three pick in my opinion.

Honorable mention: Matt Scott, Arizona

A quarterback most consider to be underrated finds his way onto the all-overrated team. During the season, I thought of Matt Scott as an intriguing late-round, developmental quarterback. He can make plays in the running game, showed off decent arm strength at times, and seemed to have the skills be worth a flier on day three of the draft. However, all of the buzz surrounding Scott is that he could come off the board in the third or fourth round, which seems like a bit of a reach. He still goes through stretches of spotty accuracy and struggles to consistently put together four quarters of solid play. He flashed some ability this season, but overall, he's a developmental guy, not the day two pick some make him out to be. If you're looking for the next Russell Wilson, look elsewhere.

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