NFL Scouting Combine Day 2 recap: Greg Robinson ready to help family; Cardinals confident in Carson Palmer & more

Joe Robbins

The second day of the combine featured the mammoth Auburn offensive tackle and more from NFL executives.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Of all the players in the 2014 NFL Draft, none may be more physically imposing than Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson.

At 6'5 and a relatively-lean 332 pounds, Robinson did 32 reps on the bench press Friday. Robinson's demeanor doesn't quite match his stature or physical playing style.

"I wouldn't say angry, but I'm not trying to be nice," Robinson said.

He was also quick to dismiss being defined as a thug on the field. "I’m far from a thug. I’ve never been in really any trouble," Robinson said. "Growing up, I was kind of bad but that was because I had older brothers. If they're not looking for a thug, they can invest in me."

Robinson said he turned pro after his redshirt sophomore season at Auburn to help some of his family financially. Robinson has six siblings total and said he wants to help put his two younger siblings through college.

"That would just be something in my heart that I would love to do," Robinson said.

He did say, though, he didn't want anyone to try and take advantage of the financial windfall he's about to obtain by likely being a top 10 draft pick.

"As far as my older brothers and sisters, I’m going to help them as much as I can because they have kids," Robinson said. "I learned a lot from them, but I don’t feel that’s my responsibility. But I’m going to help my family as much as I can."

More trade talk vagueness

A few personnel members on Friday made vague references to moving around in the draft.

"In my mind it's a fantastic top 10 draft. That's exciting for us," Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said. "Rarely are you a team with a marquee and franchise-type quarterback picking at six or earlier – and that's not foreshadowing (anything)."

Sure ...

If the Falcons do move up, they could have a trade partner in the St. Louis Rams, owners of the No. 2 pick.

"(The No. 2 pick) is a nice asset," Rams general manager Les Snead said. "As an organization, we need to make the best of that asset like an business would do. So that's definitely an option. Not saying that will happen, but we'll evaluate and analyze all situations."

Snead said having the No. 2 pick this year will be different then when he had it in 2012 and traded it to Washington. Snead could get three first-round picks and a second rounder for No. 2 that year because Andrew Luck was the known top pick, and he could ask a high price for No. 2.

"I'm not sure we're gonna leave Indy and know who pick one's gonna be," Snead said.

Grigson resolute on Richardson trade

Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson remains resolute on his trade for running back Trent Richardson. Grigson shipped a first-round pick to Cleveland in exchange for Richardson, the No. 3 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Despite Richardson averaging less than three yards per carry for the Colts, Grigson said he'd do the trade again.

"Trent expects what we expect, and that’s greatness," Grigson said. "He’s always been at the top of the rung every time he’s played. He knows this is the NFL and it’s a bottom-line business. We’re all on the same page. We all have expectations for Trent and he has expectations for himself. And they’re for him to be great. He has expectations of himself to be great. I think he’s in a great place and we’re in a great place with him."

Cardinals confident in Carson Palmer

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is confident in his team and aging quarterback Carson Palmer.

Arians said on Friday that if Arizona would have made the playoffs, they "would have done some damage." He also said Palmer could play until he's 36 of 37 years old.

"There's no doubt he's got plenty of juice in the tank," Arians said. "He's in great condition. He's always in great condition."

On Thursday, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim also had praise for Palmer and the security he gives Arizona in the draft. With Palmer, they won't have to force taking a quarterback.

"With the supply and demand at quarterback, Carson at least puts us in the position where you don't have to force, Keim said. "And when I say force, you're sitting at 20 or wherever we are in the draft, and feel like we have to have one."

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