NFL Weekend Picks


Sammy Watkins on Bills role, playbook, being fast

New Bills WR Sammy Watkins reflects on his time so far in Buffalo.


Broncos vs. Raiders picks and predictions

The Broncos will host the Raiders in a heavily favored contest for the home team on Monday Night Football.

NFL picks Week 17

Can the Jacksonville Jaguars close out the 2012 season with a win?

Is anyone taking the Chiefs? (No)


The real question is whether KC can keep it within 16 points.

NFL Week 17 Picks and Betting Odds


The 2012 NFL season comes to a close this week so here are my final can't-miss picks for Week 17. I've saved the best for last.

Week 17 Hogs Haven Staff Picks


The Hogs Haven staff makes their picks for all the games.

Week 17 Preview: Just Happy To Be Here?


Win or lose on Sunday, Vikings fans should probably just be happy with a winning season. But when it's the Packers with a playoff berth on the line? No way.

Staff Picks: Everybody is picking the Chargers

With one week to go, Richard Wade is the all but inevitable winner. Only Superduperboltman has a chance to tie for the crown.

Week 17 Picks: It's All On The Line For Cowboys


It’s the final push for NFL teams as the regular season ends on Sunday, December 30. All 16 games are division contests, which should result in a memorable regular season finale.

Writer picks for Week 17


Who does the writing staff think will win their regular season finale?

NFL picks and predictions: Week 16


Once again, feel free to ridicule APC's editors in the comments for being bad at picking games.

Picks: Colts over Chiefs, everyone says


No surprise but most NFL experts are picking the Colts to beat the Chiefs.

Pats Pulpit Week 16 NFL Picks


Greg Knopping of Pats Pulpit makes his week 16 NFL picks!

Week 16 NFL Picks


There actually is a Saturday night game this week, so we'll start with that one. Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions (+3.5) - My initial gut was to go with the Falcons here, but the trends and...

Our picks for Week 16


The picks weren't so great last week. But, hey, neither are the Cards.

Week 16 NFL Picks: In the Holiday Spirit


My goal heading into Week 16 is quite simple: I want to go 16-0. Is it possible? I'm in a cheery mood due to the holiday season being just around the corner, so sure, why not?

NFL Week 16 Picks


Picking every week 16 game against the spread.

Week 16 picks

The Jaguars host the Patriots on Sunday, so let's just hope they don't get obliterated.

Week 16 Picks: Preparing For The Final Stretch Run


It's hard to believe with two weeks left to go, but while seven of twelve postseason berths have been already been clinched, there are twelve additional teams still in contention for a trip to the...

Staff Picks: Only SDBM is standing by the Bolts

Two weeks left and yours truly is still in the lead even after picking the Chargers to win against the Panthers.

Week 16 NFL game picks


It's game picks time. So strap in and brace yourself for these incredible feats of prognostication for week 16.

NFL Week 16 Cincy Jungle Staff Picks


The crew resumes a vicious season-long contest to pick the most winners against the spread.

Week 16 NFL Picks


The picks for this week.

Santa Mikey peers into his snow globe....


Who does Mikey like this week? How do you measure up? Who is naughty and who is nice? The answers to that TBD!

NFL Picks, Week 16


We make picks for all 16 NFL games in Week 16

Smooth Jimmy makes his Week 16 picks

The end is near on another successful picks season for Smooth Jimmy...even though he never looked back on his level of success.

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