Brett Favre Knows What The Media Refuses To Admit

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Oh, good lord. Last night's Jets-Vikings game really summed up Brett Favre's career, huh? He began as a disaster, gathered himself, looked awesome for a little while, but by the end, he played right into the stereotypes. As the Vikings took over with two minutes left and a chance to win the game, I tweeted that, "As long as this game ends with a Favre interception or a Moss TD, I'll go to bed happy."

And sure enough...

Via Kissing Suzy Kolber reader Rafael...


It could have been worse. Favre made a couple huge plays in the third and fourth quarter to keep the Vikings in it. But in the end, last night's game was about Favre's fall from grace. Even when he succeeded, it was awkward as the announcers fumbled to contextualize everything. "Say what you want about the guy..."

Yeah, he got them back in the game. Then he missed a wide-open Percy Harvin five yards away on a game-winning drive. Then he threw a pick six to seal his team's fate.

Say what you want about the guy, but he's not that great a quarterback.

If Vince Young had a game like last night, we'd be questioning whether he "has what it takes" as an NFL starter. Does he have the "maturity" for this? "He's too inconsistent," we'd say. "Yeah, he plays well sometimes, but is it worth it if you know he's going to cost the team in the end?"

Well, that's Favre, not Vince Young.

But today, watch people blame his elbow, and his line, and the rest of the Vikings offense. And of course, the off-the-field distractions. All of it, though, is distracting us from the basic truth that emerged from last night: Brett Favre just isn't very good anymore.

Announcers can apologize for him all they want, and the Vikings can stockpile a king's ransom of skill players around him, but Brett Favre renders it all moot. And with his personal life engulfed in controversy and his professional life whimpering to a close, something tells me Brett is beginning to realize what the media refuses to admit: In so many ways, he just sucks.


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