Randy Moss? More Like Randy LOSS!

I mean, how did you think New England fans would spin this one? The headline at NESN:


Let's be clear: This columnist isn't saying Randy Moss is to blame for the Vikings loss on Monday night. He's just saying that he could be. He might have cost them the game. Question mark? Maybe? Who can say. But the thing with winners is, they win. And Randy Moss lost last night. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin. As the column asks:

Who knew being talented could be such a problem?

For the second time in four weeks, Randy Moss became the apple of his quarterback's eye in a game in New York against the Jets, and yet again, it may have cost his team a victory.

We're not saying the Patriots loss to the Jets was Moss' fault, and we're not saying last night's Vikings loss was his fault. But can you find the common thread between the two losses?

Here's a hint... Randy Moss. Case closed.

Q.E.D. Quitters Experience Defeat.

There's been a lot of criticism toward Bill Belichick for trading Randy Moss, but see, if we just focus on the first sentence here instead of the second, it all makes sense:

1. ...the Vikings' first play on the (game-winning) drive went to Moss on a vertical route, one that Favre should never have thrown.

2. Facing second-and-10 from his own 16, Favre then floated one of the worst passes in history over the head of Percy Harvin.

What we're saying here is that Moss is so good, teams feel compelled to use him, and they throw it up, expecting miracles to happen. But sometimes those miracles don't happen, and the team loses. It doesn't matter that his quarterback missed a wide open receiver that would have won it and then threw an interception to lose it. Randy Moss may not be directly costing his team games, but Randy Moss' teams lose games. Coincidence?

You might answer that by saying one of the following:

  • "With Moss there, Percy Harvin had his best game of the season last night. Coincidence?"
  • "If Brett Favre had hit Harvin when he was wide-open, Minnesota probably wins the game."
  • "Remember the pick six that Favre threw on the game-winning drive? Seriously. I don't even have a response. You are insane."

Or, if you're a Patriots fan...

"Exactly. EXACTLY. The problem with Mawss is, he's not a winnah. Talented? Okay, fine. But he's not a WINNAH. You give me Randy and Hahhh-vin and Pete-ah-son, I give you Welkah and Edelman and Woodhead. IT'S NAWWWT ABOUT THE QUARTAHBACK OR THE LINE OR ANYTHING ELSE. IT'S ABOUT THE PATRIOT WAY."


So, is Dustin Pedroia more valuable than Albert Pujols? YOU TELL ME.

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