NFL Preview and Prediction: Looking At All The Week 6 Games

Here's a look at all the Week 6 action in the NFL.

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NFL Week 6 Picks: Tennessee Titans Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

When: 8:30 p.m. Monday, ESPN

SB Nation Titans: Music City Miracles

SB Nation Jaguars: Big Cat Country

Breakdown: Interesting Monday Night Football matchup between these two teams. The key with the Titans, as always, is to stop the run and make Vince Young beat you. He's improved but not to the point where that's not an effective game plan. With the Jaguars, it's a similar idea with Maurice Jones-Drew.

Player to Watch: Chris Johnson. We say him every week with the Titans because he's always the key to the game. Stop him and now you're letting Vince Young beat you.

Line: Titans are three point favorites.

Prediction: Take the Titans even if it is in Jacksonville.


NFL Picks Week 6: Indianapolis Colts Vs. Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

When: 8:20 p.m. Sunday, NBC

SB Nation Colts: Stampede Blue

SB Nation Redskins: Hogs Haven

Breakdown: Does anyone else realize the Redskins are in first place beating Dallas, Philly and Green Bay along the way? This is a good team that can beat big time teams. The Colts are coming off of a tough victory against the Chiefs. This is a good matchup.

Player to Watch: Ryan Torain. The Redskins needs to control the clock in this game and they do that by dominating the run game.

Line: Colts are three point favorites.

Prediction: I think this will be a very good game but I can't go against Manning and the Colts.


NFL Picks Week 6: Dallas Cowboys Vs. Minnesota Vikings

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings

When: 4: 00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Cowboys: Blogging The Boys

SB Nation Vikings: Daily Norseman

Breakdown: It's the battle of the 1-3 teams. The Cowboys and Vikings were both early Super Bowl picks so we know what they can do and how talented they are. For some reason, they haven't put it together this year. Both defensive lines are very good as are the quarterbacks and running backs. This is a great matchup on both sides of the ball.

Player to Watch: Brett Favre. Everyone else is talking about tendinitis in his elbow so why not us.

Line: Vikings are 1.5 point favorites.

Prediction: This is a tough game to predict. It's a toss up either way so I'll take the home team: Vikings.


NFL Week 6 Picks: Oakland Raiders Vs. San Francisco 49ers

Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers

When: 4: 00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Raiders: Silver And Black Pride

SB Nation 49ers: Niners Nation

Breakdown: It must be miserable to be a Bay Area fan. The Raiders surprised everyone with a win over the Chargers last week so they've shown what they're capable of. The 49ers have not shown anything as they're winless. The 49ers I think are the better team but haven't been playing like it this year.

Player to Watch: Frank Gore. I don't know what's going on in San Francisco but they need to let Frank Gore take this game over. It's the Raiders and the 49ers can beat up on them with Gore.

Line: 49ers are 6.5 point favorites.

Prediction: The Raiders are too inconsistent so I'll take San Francisco (isn't that an oxy moron with a winless team?)


NFL Picks Week 6: New York Jets Vs. Denver Broncos

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos

When: 4: 00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Jets: Gang Green Nation

SB Nation Broncos: Mile High Report

Breakdown: The Broncos can pass the ball very well and don't have much of a running game. One dimensional teams generally don't do too well against the Jets defense. It's possible Darrelle Revis sits this week which would be a big boost for the Broncos. This game comes down to stopping the Broncos passing offense.

Player to Watch: Kyle Orton. He's been very, very good this year and not many have noticed. Now he goes up against one of the league's best defenses.

Line: Jets are three point favorites.

Prediction: The Jets should be able to take care of business without a lot of problems.


NFL Week 6 Picks: Cleveland Browns Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

When: 1: 00 p.m. Sunday, CBS

SB Nation Browns: Dawgs By Nature

SB Nation Steelers: Behind The Steel Curtain

Breakdown: This is Ben Roethlisberger's return game. Even if he is a little rough, the Steelers should take care of business in this game. It looks like the Browns will be starting Colt McCoy so this could get ugly real quick.

Player to Watch: Ben Roethlisberger. It's his first game back from a four-game suspension. Is he rusty? Is he the same QB? Questions need answers.

Line: Steelers are 13.5 point favorites.

Prediction: That's a big line but probably accurate. The Steelers in a blowout.


NFL Picks Week 6: Seattle Seahawks Vs. Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

When: 1: 00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Seahawks: Field Gulls

SB Nation Bears: Windy City Gridiron

Breakdown: The Bears are expected to get Jay Cutler back after a concussion so their offense will be much, much better than the Todd Collins/Caleb Hanie affair last week. The Seahawks meanwhile have been two different teams the last two games. Beating the Chargers and then losing to the Rams doesn't seem to add up. This game will depend on which Seahawks team decides to show up.

Player to Watch: Marshawn Lynch. Everyone wants to see him playing him for the Seahawks now that he's been traded from Buffalo.

Line: Bears are 6.5 point favorites.

Prediction: That's a big line for a mistake prone quarterback. I'll take the Bears but not by more than six.


NFL Picks Week 6: Detroit Lions Vs. New York Giants

Detroit Lions vs. New York Giants

When: 1: 00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Lions: Pride of Detroit

SB Nation Giants: Big Blue View

Breakdown: I like the Lions passing attack (minus the interceptions) and Calvin Johnson is always a threat to keep a game close for Detroit but New York is playing very, very well right now on all cylinders. This game will depend on which Detroit defense showed up: The one that gave up six points to the Rams or the one that routinely gave up four-plus touchdowns per game.

Player to Watch: Calvin Johnson. Maybe it's because he's one of my favorite receivers but he's also an important part of this game. The Lions need a big game from him to keep this one close.

Line: Giants are 10.5 point favorites.

Prediction: Wow that's a big line. I think the game will be closer than that but I'll agree that the Giants win.


NFL Week 6 Picks: Atlanta Falcons Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles

When: 1: 00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Falcons: The Falcoholic

SB Nation Eagles: Bleeding Green Nation

Breakdown: This will be another fun game with two teams trying to become part of the NFC's elite. The Falcons run the ball well and have a good quarterback so you have to like their chances in any game. The Eagles are playing with backup QB Kevin Kolb (assuming Michael Vick) is out. For them the key will be not turning the ball over. Pound for pound I think the Eagles offense is better than the Falcons so if they can play the way they've shown they can it should be an excellent game.

Player to Watch: Kevin Kolb. He's playing the role of starter this week with Vick injured and he'll need a good (turnover free) game to beat these guys.

Line: Eagles are three point favorites.

Prediction: This is a tough game to predict because you don't want to pick a road team. I'll stick with the Eagles at home in a close one.


NFL Week 6 Picks: New Orleans Saints Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When: 1: 00 p.m. Sunday, FOX

SB Nation Saints: Canal Street Chronicles

SB Nation Bucs: Bucs Nation

Breakdown: On paper the Saints should come in and take care of business against the Bucs. But this is a 3-1 Bucs team that is playing very well and has a nice comeback victory last week on their resume. The Saints meanwhile are coming off of a loss against the Cards so they have reason to win. If the Saints play their game, then this should be all New Orleans.

Player to Watch: Josh Freeman. The Bucs will have to score points against the Saints and Freeman will have to be the leader there. Freeman has been playing so if he can move the ball efficiently (without turning it over) this could be a close game.

Line: Saints are four point favorites.

Prediction: Don't bet against the defending champs. I'll take the Saints by a touchdown.


NFL Picks Week 6: Baltimore Ravens Vs. New England Patriots

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

When: 1: 00 p.m. CBS, Sunday

SB Nation Ravens: Baltimore Beatdown

SB Nation Patriots: Pats Pulpit

Breakdown: The game of the week in my mind. You've got the fourth ranked defense in the Ravens facing the No. 1 offense in the NFL in the Patriots. Tom Brady and Co. always have a hard time against the Ravens, as evidenced by the beating they received in the playoffs last year. This game will be all about how the Ravens defense can handle the Patriots offense.

Player to Watch: Deion Branch. Will he play Sunday? He's back on the Patriots after being traded a few years ago. The Patriots don't have Randy Moss so we're eager to see what that Patriots receiving group looks like.

Line: Patriots are 2.5 point favorites.

Prediction: I'm not going to bet against the Patriots at home.


NFL PIcks Week 6: Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Houston Texans

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans

When: 1: 00 p.m. CBS, Sunday

SB Nation Chiefs: Arrowhead Pride

SB Nation Texans: Battle Red Blog

Breakdown: The Chiefs strength lies in their defense, particularly stopping the run. The Texans strength lies in the offense, and lately specifically running the ball. The Chiefs offense is built around the run while the Texans defense is fifth against the run. This is a solid matchup that, in my mind, will be low scoring and decided by a big play.

Player to Watch: Andre Johnson. I'm thinking this game is going to be decided by a big play and Johnson is the best candidate for that. Plus, the Chiefs have a pair of rookie safeties so it could get interesting.

Line: Texans are 4.5 point favorites.

Prediction: This will be a very close game so I'd say more like a 1-3 point game. Since I'm a Kansas City homer, I'll take the Chiefs by a field goal.


NFL Picks Week 6: San Diego Chargers Vs. St. Louis Rams

San Diego Chargers vs. St. Louis Rams

When: 1: 00 p.m. CBS, Sunday

SB Nation Chargers: Bolts From The Blue

SB Nation Rams: Turf Show Times

Breakdown: If the Chargers can run the ball they should be able to win. It's when Philip Rivers blows up in the passing game but it's not winning San Diego games. I see San Diego coming into this game being able to run well along with Rivers lighting them up. The Chargers are too talented to play two games in a row like they did last week against Oakland.

Player to Watch: Ryan Mathews. I really do think the Chargers will be focused on the run this week. They've been losing when Rivers is throwing for ridiculous yardage. Slow things down and do your thing, Chargers offense.

Line: Chargers are eight point favorites.

Prediction: Tough call here. The Chargers always struggle early but this could be the time they put it all together. I'll take the Chargers and say this is a double digit game.

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