NFL Victory Of The Week: Bears Prove They Are Among The Top Teams

Prilosec Bears

Prilosec presents the NFL Victory of the Week. The Chicago Bears proved they're legitimate with a 31-26 win over the formerly red-hot Philadelphia Eagles.

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Each week on we'll have the NFL Victory of the Week, presented by Prilosec. The winning team is decided by conducting a poll on Tuesdays across all of the SB Nation NFL blogs throughout the 2010 season, with you -- the readers -- voting for the biggest win of each week.

This week's winner is the Chicago Bears.

Many people weren't believing in the Chicago Bears, despite their record. This game against the Philadelphia Eagles was supposed to expose the Bears as a fraud. On the contrary, the Bears dominated the Eagles. The Bears defense was able to hold Michael Vick in check, and the offense was able to run all over an Eagles defense that had been playing good football. The Bears had lost at home a few times this year, but last Sunday they were victorious, sending the Soldier Field crowd into rapture.

Here's what SB Nation's Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron, had to say:

After back-to-back losses at home earlier in the season, the Chicago Bears returned to Soldier Field yesterday with a chip on their shoulder, and you could easily say the crowd did as well.  From the opening possession through the final snap, the greatest football fans in the world were loud, rowdy, disruptive, and completely assisted the team in getting the win over the Philadelphia Eagles.  Think that didn't affect the players and coaches as well?  Think again. Jay Cutler was fired up, Olin Kreutz wasn't taking any crap, Mike Tice was raising hell, and the Eagles were boiling over with frustration.  Forget just making the playoffs... the Bears could be looking at home field advantage this year, and the 4th Phase proved yesterday that we will wreak havoc on those who enter our domain.

Over 10,000 SB Nation readers voted this week, and it was close. The Bears/Eagles game was the winner with 32% of the vote (3,278 votes). The Chargers/Colts game was next with 26%, followed by the Falcons/Packers game at 23%. Thanks to all SB Nation readers who participated.

Visit Windy City Gridiron for more on the Bears.

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