Brett Favre Rumors Return: Eagles Deny Interest In Retired QB

It's that time of year when the Brett Favre rumors begin -- yes, even when he's retired. The latest news has the Eagles denying interest in the retired QB.

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Brett Favre Has No Plans Of Playing Football, Says His Agent

Brett Favre's agent, apparently tired of hearing rumors that his client is considering another NFL comeback, called his local paper to "set the record straight." Hattiesburg-based agent Bus Cook told the Jackson, Mississippi-based Clarion-Ledger this:

"Brett Favre retired in January. He has not talked to any teams, including Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks. He has not talked to anyone about playing football. He’s retired, period."

Speculation heated up over the weekend that Favre was considering yet another comeback when Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told the Twitter-verse that he would be "honored to have Brett Favre as a backup." Cook claimed the tweet had no basis in fact.

Favre, of course, has twice retired only to come back each time, first to play for the New York Jets and then with the Minnesota Vikings. Each time he was considerably more effective than most reasonable observers expected. In 2009, he threw for 4,202 yards and 33 touchdowns, better numbers than he'd posted in more than a decade. Last year, he was considerably less effective, throwing 19 interceptions and just 11 touchdowns while battling injuries.


Eagles Deny Interest In Retired QB Brett Favre

While reports surfaced over the weekend that the Philadelphia Eagles would be interested signing quarterback Brett Favre to be Michael Vick's backup, Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is reporting (via Pro Football Talk) that the Eagles are not at all interested in bringing in Brett Favre.

Over at SB Nation Philly, Cody Benjamin breaks down both sides of the argument on Favre. On the pro side, Favre would fill the void left when the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb after the NFL lockout ends. But the negatives would include having to deal with the accompanying Favre ego and questions over how he would handle being a backup to Michael Nick.

Either this shows the absurdity of what we need to discuss during the lockout, as Benjamin suggests, or it might just be a sign that we're just in time for the start of training camp. Nothing screams "NFL training camp time" than a Brett Favre "Will he or won't he?" story.

To check in with Eagles fans, be sure to visit Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly.


Brett Favre Rumors Return: Philadelphia Eagles May Be Interested In Retired Quarterback

We tried to ignore this for as long as we could and sincerely apologize that it's coming back up again. The Brett Favre comeback talk is back, just in time for the NFL lockout to end and free agency to begin. This time around, however, it's not just Favre grandstanding. Instead, it's a team that's reportedly interested in Favre's old, indecisive services.

So, who might the lucky fanbase be? Philadelphia Eagles fans, get ready for Favre Fever!

Howard Eskin of WIP radio in Philly reports that the Eagles could sign quarterback Brett Favre as a backup to Mike Vick, after Kevin Kolb is shipped out of town.

Sources told Eskin, who serves as a sideline reporter for the team’s radio broadcasts, that it’s "possible" the Eagles will sign Favre.

On a positive note, at least we know football is near. There's no surer sign than the inevitable "will he or won't he" rumors. Unfortunately, we're bracing for weeks of this and if history is any indication, it's going to get worse by the day.

It's tough to imagine Favre being super excited about playing second fiddle to Michael Vick, but here we are. No word on if he's interested, but would you expect him to not entertain offers and snatch any publicity available? Didn't think so.

To check in with Eagles fans, be sure to visit Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly.


Brett Favre Return Talk Rears Its Ugly Head Again, Thanks To Gil Brandt Comment

Great. There must be football fans out there who aren't sick of hearing about whether or not Brett Favre is going to keep playing football, but I don't know who they are. Despite that, Gil Brandt has ensured that we're going to keep hearing about it.

"I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning," Brandt wrote Tuesday. "But I don't see a team out there right now that would bring him back as a starter."

Well, yeah. Favre had a quarterback rating of 69.9 last year. He's not a starter at this point. And as CBS Sports point out, he's also not a good fit to be a backup, due to all the drama that swirls around him all the time. He'd turn any training camp into a circus, and for what? It's hard to imagine who would want him. Plus, there's the fact that if you're a general manager, you can't even text Favre to tell him you're interested, because you never know what you're going to get back.

The amount of virtual ink that's already been spilled about Plaxico Burress and Tiki Barber this offseason is already bad enough. The last thing we need is to give Brett Favre what he wants most in the world by talking about him for another month. The NFL Lockout can't end soon enough.


Brett Favre Done With Football, Unsure Of Future Plans

Brett Favre is done with football, according to what Favre told the Associated Press on Tuesday. Favre fans and haters, you may rejoice or roll your eyes accordingly.

Favre, speaking at a football camp at his alma mater, Southern Mississippi, told AP writer David Brandt that he is definitely done with football. Favre might not be the most trustworthy source on Brett Favre at this point, but he did file retirement paperwork with the NFL in January. And, well, Is Brett Favre Retiring? still indicates that Brett Favre is retiring.

As for his future, Favre told the AP that he has "no plans right now," but that he enjoys working with young players. Favre certainly has the experience and football acumen to try his hand at coaching if he wants, but he has also been mentioned as a possible studio analyst frequently during his string of flirtations with retirement.

Or, and this is not to give Favre any ideas: he could come back to play football again. If history is any indication, that is a possibility that should probably not be ruled out until a few years after Favre shuffles off this mortal coil.

Check out Daily Norseman for more on the Minnesota Vikings.


Brett Favre Files Retirement Paperwork With The NFL

The one-time Green Bay Packers QB and current Minnesota Vikings QB is calling it quits...we think. For the second time in his career, Brett Favre has filed retirement paperwork with the NFL, according to Alex Marvez of This time, though, we think he really  means it.

From the bad play to the Jenn Sterger issue to the end of the consecutive games streak, there are plenty of reasons to think Favre is actually going to retire this time around. Clearly, he doesn't have the same abilities he once did whereas when he came back in 2009 he clearly had plenty of ability left.

Favre retired following the 2008 offseason but never formally filed paperwork with the NFL. He eventually returned to the Packers before they traded him to the New York Jets. Favre played one year in New York and in early 2009 following the season filed his retirement papers. He was eventually granted reinstatement and played with the Vikings for another two seasons. 

If this is it for Favre, then the final tally will show 20 seasons -- 16 with the Packers, two with the Vikings and one with the Falcons and Jets. He'll own many of the NFL's major passing records including touchdowns and interceptions.

Check out Daily Norseman to see what Vikings fans are saying about the move. 


Brett Favre Retirement Coming After 2010 Season; Vikings QB Says 'I'm Done'

In news that will shock absolutely no one, Minnesota Vikings QB said this week that 2010 season is his last year. It surprises none of us because he's said this before. In fact, he's said he's in his final season the last four consecutive years.

"I remember the same question, the first part of the year, everyone said, 'Well, ....' I said, 'Time will tell,' but like I said, I'm done. I'd love to, as I said when I came back I'm here to win a Super Bowl, we had big expecations, it hasn't gone the way we hoped up to this point, but again, my career speaks for itself. I think it's been a great career. I don't know how the remaining games will unfold but that's it."

This time around here are plenty of reasons to believe him.

The Jenn Sterger/photos/voicemails issue has stained at least part of his career and though a future suspension doesn't seem likely, it's still possible. Then there's his body, which is beat up. Favre usually plays hurt -- remember, it's called "gutty performances" -- but this year there have been serious questions about whether he would be able to play. Then there's the Vikings 4-7 record which suggests, even if Favre did come back, they're far from a favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Add it all up and I think it's time we believe him.

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