CHICAGO IL - DECEMBER 12: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots directs the offense against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on December 12 2010 in Chicago Illinois. The Patriots beat the Bears 36-7. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Patriots, Falcons And Steelers Remain NFL's Best Teams

SB Nation's Week 15 NFL power rankings have been released.

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NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Patriots, Falcons, Steelers Continue To Lead

SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 15 are complete. The Patriots and Falcons remain on top and the Steelers continue to trail them. The Ravens survived a scare on Monday Night Football while the Saints won once again. We have two new entries into the top 10 -- Jaguars and Chargers -- and both teams may need to win out to take their divisions.

The NFL playoff picture is getting clearer each week. Here's our top 10 teams right now. Here is No. 11-20 and No. 21-32.

1. New England Patriots (11-2): Well, they're in the playoffs. The Patriots are playing like the 2007 Patriots. This team is on another planet right now. LW: 1

2. Atlanta Falcons (11-2): This is one of the quietest 11-2 teams we remember. They just keep....winning. They have one more test against the Saints to win the division. LW: 2

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3): Ho-hum. 23-7 over the Bengals. Wake me up when the Steelers clinch the No. 2 seed in the AFC. LW: 3

4. New Orleans Saints (10-3): I didn't expect anything other than a 31-13 victory over the Rams. The Saints are peaking at the right time because their toughest two-game stretch awaits them -- at Baltimore and at Atlanta. LW: 5

5. Baltimore Ravens (9-4): The Ravens survived a scare against the Texans on Monday night. They're now leading the wildcard race with three games to go. A Pittsburgh slipup down the stretch could open the door to the AFC North but, either way, they're likely to be in the playoffs. LW: 4

6. Philadelphia Eagles (9-4): The NFL flexed the Eagles Week 16 game into primetime. Everyone wants to see Michael Vick. I can't blame them. LW: 8

7. Chicago Bears (9-4): Didn't most of us figure that would happen to the Bears? Maybe not 36-7 but I'm not surprised they lost. They may have caught a break in the NFC North with Aaron Rodgers' concussion. LW: 6

8. New York Giants (9-4):Well, it's coming down to the Giants and Eagles. Sunday's game may decide the NFC East. LW: 10

9. San Diego Chargers (7-6): The Chargers annual midseason streak hit a bump two weeks ago against the Raiders but got back on track with a dominating victory over the Chiefs, 31-0. They probably need to win out to make the playoffs. LW: 16

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5): Kind of like the Bears, I keep waiting for the Jaguars to go on a losing streak and knock themselves out of the playoff race but they keep on winning. Next week against Indy could provide clarity in the AFC South. LW: 12


NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Jets, Packers Fall Out Of Top 10

SB Nation's NFL power rankings for Week 15 continue on as the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers fall out of the top 10. The Jets still look like a solid pick to make the playoffs but with Aaron Rodgers' concussion the Packers playoff hopes are in question. Meanwhile the Colts win on Thursday night forcing a divisional showdown against first place Jacksonville next week.

Here are No. 11-20 in our power rankings. Click here for No. 21-32.

11. New York Jets (9-4): The Jets are getting exposed. They had many close games in the middle of their schedule that they turned into wins. Now they aren't closing out those games. LW: 9

12. Green Bay Packers (8-5): If Aaron Rodgers is out next week, this team may not make the playoffs. The road in the NFC is difficult. LW: 7

13. Indianapolis Colts (7-6): Indy did their part beating the Titans on Thursday night. Now their playoff hopes rest on beating the Jaguars next week. LW: 13

14. Kansas City Chiefs (8-5):The Chiefs are pretty easy to figure out. They generally beat the teams they should and lose to teams they should. Now, can they beat the Rams, Titans and Raiders to win the division? LW: 11

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5): Are the Bucs lucky? Or are they good? We're entering Week 15 and I've yet to figure that out. LW: 15

16. Miami Dolphins (7-6): Kudos to the Dolphins for beating the Jets keeping their slim playoff hopes alive. If they win out...who knows? LW: 17

17. Houston Texans (5-8): Get down by multiple touchdowns, come back to tie it, lose in heartbreaking fashion. The story of the 2010 Texans. LW: 19

18. Oakland Raiders (6-7): Only the Raiders could lose that game against the Jaguars. This team has made incredible strides but it appears it likely won't be enough to get into the playoffs. LW: 14

19. Cleveland Browns (5-8): The Browns, like the Bills, may be better than their record indicates but they still couldn't get a victory against Buffalo. Rough loss. LW: 18

20. Tennessee Titans (5-8): I'm not sure if Bud Adams would do it but is Jeff Fisher's job secure? What a let down this season has been. LW: 20


NFL Power Rankings Week 15: Cowboys Rise Despite Loss; NFC West Isn't Very Good

Our Week 15 NFL power rankings include the Dallas Cowboys jumping up a couple of spots despite losing to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Denver Broncos becoming our newest No. 32. Here are No. 21-32 of our Week 15 NFL power rankings. No. 1-20 will be released later on Tuesday.

21. Dallas Cowboys (4-9): Tough break for the Cowboys who made things interesting against the Eagles last weekend. The Cowboys could use some momentum heading into next season. If only the Jason Garrett era came earlier -- this team isn't the push over it was early in the year.  LW: 23

22. Seattle Seahawks (6-7): This is your division co-leader in the NFC West. Yes, they have to give a playoff spot to the NFC West winner. LW: 21

23. St. Louis Rams (6-7): They're tied for the lead in the NFC West. It looks like their Week 17 game against the Seahawks will determine this division. LW: 22

24. San Francisco 49ers (5-8): The 49ers are 5-8 and one game out of first place. Believe it or not, they've got a chance. It starts Thursday night against the Chargers. LW: 26

25. Buffalo Bills (3-10): I was looking forward to the Cleveland and Buffalo matchup because I think both teams are better than their records. Buffalo proved me right. LW: 27

26. Minnesota Vikings (5-8): Brett Favre's consecutive games streak is over which will overshadow the Vikings getting spanked by the Giants. LW: 24

27. Washington Redskins (5-8): I wonder what Redskins fans did to deserve that one. Albert Haynesworth perhaps? LW: 25

28. Detroit Lions (3-10): Kudos to Detroit for winning the backup quarterback bowl over the Packers after Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the game. LW: 29

29. Arizona Cardinals (4-9): Are the Broncos that bad? Or are the Cardinals getting better? I'm leaning to the former. LW: 32

30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-11): I'm not sure people understand just how bad it is in Cincinnati. They've lost 10 in a row since starting the season 2-1. What a miserable season. LW: 30

31. Carolina Panthers (1-12): The Panthers are getting closer to securing the top spot in the 2011 NFL draft. They have a shot at victory next week against the Cardinals before going on the road to Pittsburgh and Atlanta. LW: 31

32. Denver Broncos (3-10): Um. Is this the worst team in the NFL? They're making their case for it. The Broncos are a painful team to watch. LW: 28

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