Bears Knock Brett Favre Out Early, Clinch NFC North In Dominating 40-14 Victory

Devin Hester broke an NFL record with his 14th kick return touchdown and the Bears dominated the Vikings all night. Brett Favre left in the second quarter with a head injury and did not return.

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Brett Favre Talks Like This Is His Last Game. Kinda.

All due credit, Brett Favre played tonight when he had no real reason to. The Vikings are out of playoff contention, the elements were going to be unkind to someone in Favre’s condition and his consecutive starts streak is already over. We may be sick and tired of hearing announcers tell us how durable and tough-willed Favre is, but there is truth to it.

When he knocked out of Monday night’s game with a head injury, the writing was already on the wall. It’s already a foregone conclusion this is his final season ( we think). So could this have been the final play of his career?

After his post-game press conference, its become abundantly clear that Brett Favre has thrown his last NFL pass (and touchdown…and interception). At least, we think it was clear.

“My last pass was just as fun as my first.”

As finite as that sounds, Favre was sure to caveat things by throwing in “if this was my last game.” Of course he had to throw that in. And finally, Brett returned to the center, trying not to sound like he was leaning one way or the other:

“Based on my decision making I probably shouldn’t tell you one way or the other right now.”

Oh Brett, but you’ve already told us so much.

If there’s anything Brett Favre does well, it’s keep everyone guessing when he’s finally going to stop slingin’ those guns. And even when he does…we’ll keep waiting for him to do it all over again.


Bears Vs. Vikings: Hester, Cutler Lead Bears To NFC North Crown In 40-14 Romp Over Vikings

A year removed from winning the NFC North themselves, the Minnesota Vikings were on the other side of things Monday night. It was the Chicago Bears clinching the NFC North with a resounding 40-14 victory Monday night over the Vikings in TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota.

It started out so promising for the Vikes. Brett Favre, who had been questionable coming into the game, opened the scoring off with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Percy Harvin in the first.

From there, however, things quickly went the Bears way. And for Favre, he might have just thrown his last touchdown pass. Or any pass, for that matter.

During the 2nd quarter, rookie Corey Wootten drove Brett into the ground, injuring his head. Favre remained face down on the ground before leaving under his own power. He would not return with what has been described as a head injury.

Favre would finish the game 5-for-7 for 63 yards with the TD and an interception.

In his place, Joe Webb showed flashes. But it wasn’t nearly enough to offset the strong play of the Bears defense.

Or Jay Cutler’s offense, for that matter. Cutler threw three touchdown passes on the night and kept the Bears plenty ahead of the Vikes all evening.

Also helping things was Devin Hester, who set the NFL record for kick/punt touchdown returns with his 14th return for a score. Hester came into the game with 13 touchdowns on kickoff and punt returns. In the third quarter, he fielded a punt and ran down the right sideline 64 yards into the end zone for No. 14, which broke the record he shared with Brian Mitchell. It was Hester’s 10th career punt return for a touchdown, tying a record set by Eric Metcalf.

The first outdoor game in Minnesota since December 20, 1981 happened because the Metrodome is still undergoing repairs after the roof collapsed last week due to a heavy snowstorm.

Now, the Bears can start positioning themselves for the playoffs while the Vikings will wait to hear the future of Brett Favre as they start planning for their own.

For more news and recaps, keep an eye on The Daily Norsemen and Windy City Gridiron.


Bears Vs. Vikings: VIDEO Devin Hester's Record-Breaking Kickoff Return

Chicago Bear Devin Hester set an NFL record during the Bears-Vikings game with his 14th career kick return for a touchdown (kickoff or punt).

Hester took a 64-yard punt return back against the Minnesota Vikings for a TD. It moved him past Brian Mitchell for first place all-time in kicking return scores.

He’s also now tied with Eric Metcalf for most punt return TDs (10). To his credit, Hester has played in 74 career games while Metcalf played in 179.

Hester had tied Mitchell for most combined return TDs in Week 6 when he took a punt back 89 yards for a score. Mitchell recorded his 13 return TDs in 463 career games. It begs the question…how many more returns does Hester have in him?


Bears Vs. Vikings: Minnesota Kick Coverage Doing Defense No Favors, Bears Score Again

The Vikings allowed another huge kickoff return, and the Bears capitalized on it again.

Shockingly, it wasn’t Devin Hester this time. Instead, the Bears let Daniel Manning returned the Ryan Longwell kickoff. He then pulled a Devin Hester and returned the ball to the Bears’ 40-yard line. Chicago made it look easy from there. Jay Cutler’s third touchdown pass of the night came on a strike over the middle to Rashied Davis, and the Bears moved their lead back to 20.

With 5:16 left in a third quarter that seems to have gone on forever, the Bears lead the Vikings 34-14.

Cutler is now 13-of-21 for 181 yards, three touchdowns and one pick. Johnny Knox leads the Bears with two receptions, 78 yards and a touchdown.


Bears Vs. Vikings: Minnesota Will Not Go Gently Into That Snowy Night

The Bears rattled off a momentum-crushing ten points to kick off the second half. Couple with the news that Brett Favre is done for the night, you would imagine that the Vikings were on the verge of folding up and calling it a night.

Instead, the Vikings used a pass interference call to drop them on the other side of the field. From there, it was the Joe Webb Show. The third-stringer threw a pass to Percy Harvin and then decided to take matters into his own hands with by running for 13-yard touchdown that brought the score to 27-14 Bears.

Webb has done a solid job making us forget about that Favre guy. He’s 4-of-6 for 38 yards and has 28 rushing yards and a score. Not too shabby.

Call him the Runslinger.


Bears Vs. Vikings: Chicago Break Game Wide Open To Start Second Half, Brett Favre Will Not Return

Devin Hester kicked off the second half with a 79-yard burst all the way to the Minnesota six-yard-line, setting up what could have been a back-breaking touchdown. Instead, the Bears stalled, moving only one yard in three plays and settling for a 23-yard Robbie Gould field goal to make it 20-7

And so, this was the Vikings’ opportunity to get back in the game. An opportunity they squandered with a three-and-out of their own.

They kicked the ball back to Devin Hester who promptly returned it 64 yards for a touchdown, making it 27-7, and basically putting the Vikes out of their misery. It also proved the age-old theorem…don’t kick to Devin Hester.

Meanwhile the news came down officially that Brett Favre will not return to the game. Neither will Madieu Williams.


Stick a fork in everyone wearing purple.

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