The Seattle Seahawks And The Quest For The Worst Playoff Team Ever

Some are understandably miffed by the decision to move Sunday's Seahawks-Rams game to the nationally-televised prime-time slot. After all, there are other Week 17 games that hold playoff implications for teams with winning records.

The decision was presumably made because the postseason implications of this game are entirely self-contained -- win and you're in -- essentially making it a playoff game. That's pretty neat, but I'll be watching because history could be made: the Seattle Seahawks could win out and become the first 7-9 team ever to reach the playoffs.

Now, if this happens, the Seahawks aren't necessarily an open-and-shut case for the title of Worst Playoff Team Ever, since the 4-5 Browns and Lions reached the postseason after the strike-shortened 1982 season. Their credentials, however, are compelling:

  • Entering Sunday's game, the Seahawks' point differential stands at -107. This is the fifth-worst mark in the NFL. Of course, in playoff terms, point differential isn't the most compelling indicator -- the Chargers are currently at +114 and will miss the playoffs. More incredibly, the Packers are at +141, the second-best mark in the NFL, and might miss.
  • The Seahawks' point differential is so bad because each and every one of their losses has been a blowout. Look at these scores: 31-14. 20-3. 33-3. 41-7. 34-19. 42-24. 40-21. 34-18. 38-15. Those last three losses, by the way, have come in their last three games.
  • On that note, the Seahawks might just be one of the least exciting teams ever. Of Seattle's 15 games this year, only two have been settled by a single score.
  • One of those two games came against the Chargers, by the way. If the Chargers could have pulled it off, they and their point differential would still be in the playoff hunt right now.
  • It will be possible for the Seahawks, at 7-9, to make the playoffs while up to six teams with superior records do not make the playoffs.

What use do the Seahawks have for a playoff spot? I guess we'll find out if they win on Sunday. I'll be rooting for them harder than I would have ever imagined myself rooting for the Seahawks.

For more on the Seahawks, head on over to Field Gulls.

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