Farewell Brett Favre? Not So Fast...


Amidst endless shots of Brett Favre on the sidelines and one memorably maudlin montage, Tuesday night's Eagles-Vikings game was punctuated by the arrival of Joe Webb as Willie Beamen to Brett Favre's Cap Rooney.

After a performance like that, can you blame Vikings fans for imagining what the 2010 season would have looked like with Webb and Leslie Frazier instead of Brad Childress and Brett Favre? 'Course, that doesn't mean Vikings fans won't get one last taste of Favre:

...Coach Leslie Frazier made it clear afterward that if veteran Brett Favre can pass his concussion test before Sunday's regular-season finale in Detroit that the future Hall of Famer will get the start.

"If Brett can go, Brett will be our quarterback for sure, if he were able to pass the concussion test," Frazier said. "So it wouldn't be an issue for me or our team if Brett were able to go."

Oh, AWESOME. But let's talk about that montage.

First of all, aligning Brett Favre with Bruce Springsteen should be against the law. As Jon Bois pointed out, play the Jackass Theme over this footage, and it's a completely different video.

As it is, this looks like something Peter King made on iMovie:

But really, how can they show the 500th TD without the game-losing pick six that followed it?

Although all things considered, it's kind of amazing that the only truly positive play in a 40 second montage was that 500th TD. Other than that we have: Private jet, exasperated Lambeau farewell, the end of his 297-game streak, and him getting pummeled by the Chicago Bears. Don't let NBC's fond farewell fool you--2010 has not been a good year to be Brett Favre. I mean, do we even need to mention the video tribute Deadspin put together?

One last point: if they had to choose Springsteen, at least NBC's production team chose his most depressing song, the title track to Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler." Like the song, that movie was super well done, but equally depressing. You know what makes it less depressing?

Imagining Springsteen lines like, "If you've ever seen a one trick pony than you've seen me" were meant for Favre, not Mickey Rourke. And maybe we go a step further and imagine Favre sleeping in the back of a freezing cold Winnebago, all alone, in desperate need of one last, chance at glory.

If that's Favre's life now (it's not far off), then good news! He'll likely get that chance Sunday.

Let's just hope he doesn't end up like Randy the Ram.

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