Brett Favre May Miss Practice With Shoulder Injury But Expected To Play For Vikings

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Brett Favre Injury May Keep Him Out Of Practice; Expected To Play Sunday For Vikings

The shoulder injury suffered to Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre certainly looked bad and it was as it was enough to knock him out of the game. For Favre, though, it's just one more body part to add to the ever-growing injury report.

As usual, Favre's injury is not expected to keep him out of Sunday's game for the Vikings.

"He probably won't practice tomorrow, but we'll get a chance to see how he looks on Thursday and just try to make a determination based on that, you know, how things will look for Sunday," interim coach Leslie Frazier said Tuesday in a radio interview. "But we're all hoping that he'll be healthy enough to play."

Perhaps complicating the decision is that Tarvaris Jackson looked OK -- maybe good enough -- in relief of Fare. He completed 15-of-22 passes but for two touchdowns but three of those incompletions were interceptions.

As long as Favre can walk, he'll be out there. He has just four games remaining and then Favre is retiring so more than likely the Vikings will keep him out there, get through this season, and make a determination on Jackson's future.

Check out Daily Norseman for more on the game.


VIDEO: Brett Favre Hit Hard, Sustains Shoulder Injury

Forget, for a moment, that Brett Favre has been one of the hardiest quarterbacks in NFL history, and forget that "Brett Favre injury" has often been merely a prelude to "Brett Favre playing hurt" for the duration of his Hall of Fame career. Instead, just consider that the guy getting hit in this video is 41 and a grandfather.

That's the hard hit Albert Moats laid on Brett Favre in today's Vikings-Bills game, and it produced a Brett Favre injury that appears likely to sideline for today's game, and perhaps more. Favre's left the game with a shoulder injury, and his return is questionable.

For Favre, whose consecutive starts streak is the stuff of legend, an injury that might threaten his ability to play next week might also be fodder for retirement talk. But that's not exactly music to Vikings fans' ears: though Favre has been inconsistent all season, the alternative for the Vikes is Tarvaris Jackson — who entered today's game in relief of Favre and promptly threw an interception.

So will Favre's shoulder injury prove to be the exception to the rule? We'll have to wait to know for sure, but the bet here is that we may well have seen the last of Brett Favre.


Brett Favre Leaves Game With Shoulder Injury

It's been a year of injuries and turmoil for Brett Favre. And it just got a bit more painful.

Early in the first quarter of the Minnesota Vikings' game today against the Buffalo Bills, Favre moved around the pocket to find some throwing room and was hit hard from behind by Bills linebacker Arthur Moats. His pass came out wobbly and was intercepted by Drayton Florence, but the more important note is that Favre was driven to the turf and hit his shoulder hard on the ground.

Favre has since left the game, and was replaced by Tarvaris Jackson. His return to the game against the Bills is questionable, but, well, he's still Brett Favre. No quarterback in NFL history has played in more consecutive games, or through more injuries, and nothing about Favre's resilience surprises at this point. Even this shoulder injury, which looked particularly painful on replay, might not slow him down or knock him out.

More amusingly, though, if Favre's career is done after this game, his last pass for each of the three NFL teams he has played for will be an interception. That's consistency.

We'll have the latest on Brett Favre's shoulder injury and status in this StoryStream.

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