Albert Haynesworth Suspended By Redskins For Final Four Games Of 2010 Season

The Redskins suspended DT Albert Haynesworth four games for conduct detrimental to the team.

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Albert Haynesworth Appealing Suspension: Could Redskins DT Miss Only Three Games?

Washington Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth has confirmed he’ll appeal the four-game suspension levied by the team for detrimental conduct. And since the team didn’t play him last week against the New York Giants, he may actually be able to retain that fourth game check.

The Washington Post’s Stephen L. Carter explains:

Any week in which the player is deactivated for disciplinary reasons, even if he is paid, counts against the four-week maximum. Why does this matter? Because Haynesworth was inactive last week against the Giants. The Redskins have offered various explanations for the decision not to activate him. Haynesworth will likely make the case that the deactivation was disciplinary – that is, that he was being punished. If the arbitrator agrees, then he has already suffered one week of punishment, and the longest suspension the Redskins can impose on him for conduct detrimental is three weeks, not four.

The Redskins listed Haynesworth as questionable due to illness on their final injury report, noting his limited participation in practice. Mike Shanahan said Haynesworth was sick and missed practice on Friday after a poor Thursday practice, which led to the decision to sit him. Haynesworth has insisted he wasn’t sick on Sunday.


Albert Haynesworth Releases Statement; Confirms Suspension Will Be Appealed

The Washington Redskins kept Albert Haynesworth on the inactive list last Sunday in their loss to the New York Giants. Earlier in the week Haynesworth had been late to practice amid reports he was out late the night before. The Redskins have now suspended Haynesworth the final four games of the season for conduct detrimental to the team.

For the first time we hear from Haynesworth's side, who has released a statement saying he was "shocked" to hear GM Bruce Allen inform him of the suspension. Agent Chad Speck says Shanahan's reasoning for the suspension are "vague and without merit" and confirms that he will appeal the suspension.

Here is a statement from Speck to Josina Anderson of FOX 31 on the suspension:

"I have reviewed the Notice of Suspension letter sent to Albert by Bruce Allen as well as the comments made by Coach Shanahan. Albert and I have discussed the claims made in the Notice of Suspension & we disagree with the Redskins' decision.

He was surprised by the suspension, the maximum permitted under the CBA, and will certainly appeal it. The accusations made by Coach Shanahan and Bruce Allen are vague and without merit. Since training camp began, today's notice was the first that Albert received informing him that his conduct was not consistent with the "terms of his contract" as Coach Shanahan claims. Bruce confirmed to me today, that there have been no other letters or formal notices of any kind sent to Albert during the regular season suggesting that he was engaging in conduct detrimental to the team.We will begin the appeal process immediately and expect the facts to come to light during arbitration. Albert has repeatedly asked for a bigger role in the defense - he simply wants to play and maximize his contribution to the team.

It is unfortunate that he has not been utilized more, as the Redskins defense causes more turnovers and gives up fewer total yards, rushing yards, passing yards, first downs, third down conversions and points when Albert plays in the game."


Albert Haynesworth Expected To Appeal Suspension From Redskins

On Tuesday the Washington Redskins suspended Albert Haynesworth the final four games of the season for conduct detrimental to the team. A Redskins press release detailed the reasons they felt this step was necessary including his refusal to play certain defenses or cooperate with the coaching staff at times.

We've yet to hear from Haynesworth but the Washington Post reports he is expected to appeal the suspension.

If that happens, Haynesworth would work with the NFLPA on the appeal. What's interesting about this is what NFLPA president Kevin Mawae had to say about Haynesworth last summer.

"I mean, if you don't want to be there don't take the $21 million contract," Kevin Mawae told Bryan McGovern and Gil Brandt of Sirius NFL Radio.  "How things turned out it's no surprise to guys that have played with him in Tennessee."   

I can see how it would be difficult to defend Haynesworth at this point considering all the drama that he's been around with the Redskins. But if he does indeed appeal the suspension, the NFLPA will be filing the grievance along with him.

Check out Hogs Haven and SB Nation DC for more on the Haynesworth story.


Albert Haynesworth Suspension: What Was The Conduct Detrimental To The Team?

Albert Haynesworth has been suspended by Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins for conduct detrimental to the team. Most people know what conduct detrimental to the team is after it really hit the mainstream with the Terrell Owens/Philadelphia Eagles fiasco in the 2005 season.

So what did Haynesworth do that was detrimental to the Redskins?

In a team issued release, Shanahan listed the reasons but it all boils down to this: "Repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety ways of an extended period of time."

That includes refusing to play in the Redskins base defense, in first down or second down nickel situations and refusal to follow instructions from the coaching staff in practices and games. The final straw, though, may have been Haynesworth refusing to speak with Shanahan.

Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. reports via sources that the suspension has nothing to do with what Haynesworth has said lately and everything to do with his actions and what the Redskins themselves have seen. This week Haynesowrth conducted a radio interview in which he said the Redskins "aren't serious about winning games."

Check out Hogs Haven and SB Nation DC for more on the Haynesworth suspension.


Albert Haynesworth Suspended By Redskins For Final Four Games Of 2010 Season

The Washington Redskins have suspended defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth for the final four games of the season, according to a team issued press release. GM Bruce Allen informed Haynesworth of their decision to suspend him on Tuesday morning. The official reason is conduct detrimental to the team, which carries a max suspension of four games.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said ultimately Haynesworth refused to "abide by the terms of his contract":

"Despite the club’s numerous attempts to persuade Albert Haynesworth to abide by the terms of his contract, he has repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. Among other things, he has consistently indicated to our defensive coaches that he refuses to play in our base defense or on first-down or second-down nickel situations.  He has also refused to follow the instructions of our coaches both during weekly practices and during actual games as well. 

"Yesterday, when Albert was at Redskin Park, he told our General Manager Bruce Allen that he [Haynesworth] would no longer speak with me.  Although suspending any player is not a decision that a head coach enters into lightly, I believe the situation has reached the point where the club clearly has no alternative."

While some teams handle this internally, Shanahan lays it all out there for us in a press release.The latest dust-up between Hayneworth and Shanahan came when the Redskins coach put the defensive tackle on the inactive last on Sunday. Reports surfaced that Haynesworth looked "hung over" at practice earlier in the week, which Haynesworth vehemently denied in a wide-ranging interview this week.

This press release, nor the suspension, will do anything to fix the relationship between Haynesworth, Shanahan and the Redskins. It's hard to imagine Haynesworth playing in DC again but, then again, we said the same thing last offseason.

Check out Hogs Haven and SB Nation DC for more on the suspension.

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