Former Ravens DE Trevor Pryce Signs With The Jets

The Jets reportedly agreed to a contract with DE Trevor Pryce shortly after the Ravens released him.

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Former Ravens DE Trevor Pryce Signed With The Jets To Play For Rex Ryan

While there were reports of players chiming to NFL writers that they were intrigued by the possibility of playing for Jets coach Rex Ryan after watching the HBO series "Hard Knocks" this summer, Trevor Pryce has had firsthand experience with that, having been coached by Ryan for three years when Rex was defensive coordinator in Baltimore.

Pryce was cut by the Ravens on Wednesday and was expected to re-sign with the team Monday after the Week 4 game in Pittsburgh. During a press conference Thursday afternoon, Pryce explained the reasoning about his decision, as well as took a shot at the defense he left behind in Baltimore.

"I'm humbled that Rex wanted me to play here. When this opportunity pops up, you go, 'Ah, I don’t think I'm going back.' "

"He instills confidence in you that you don't have. I got released from Denver, that whole thing went down, and he just thought I was more than I knew I was. And by doing that, you don't want to let somebody like that down."

"John [Harbaugh] was very cool about it. He was as positive as he could be. It was a half-hour talk. He said I really didn't want to do it, but I need that spot until Monday. John was very candid that they were bringing me back Monday My agent knew that if Rex called, that is where I was going."

Another factor that impelled him to New York, he said, was that Pryce didn't think he would get much as a situational pass rusher with Baltimore the rest of the season because of their struggles stopping the run. His exact phrasing: "We couldn't stop water from running. We had some stuff to work out."

Ouch. Pryce will still earn $2 million this season from the Ravens in addition to the money he will receive from the Jets.


Ravens Players Talk About Losing DE Trevor Pryce To The Jets

Some of the Ravens players found out last night and some found out today: DE Trevor Pryce, released this week, had signed with the Jets.

"I found out last night," nose tackle Kelly Gregg said. "He called right after we got out of practice. It's just sad to see a guy like that go. He was instrumental in our defense and in our room, and it's just a crazy situation."

it's a "crazy situation" as Gregg says because publicly the Ravens had suggested they intend to bring him back at some point this season.

But his old coach, Rex Ryan, got him instead. Pryce had been with the Ravens since 2006.

Check out Baltimore Beatdown to see what Ravens fans are saying about the Trevor Pryce signing.


Trevor Pryce Signing Resonating Well With Jets Fans

New York Jets fans are feeling pretty good about signing DE Trevor Pryce after the Ravens released him this week.

Here's a sampling of the reactions from fans at SB Nation's Gang Green Nation:

I love this one more big guy up front to help. I like it more knowing that we have to face AP in a week.

Nice. Wonder if he can play right away. Don’t think there’s really any change schematically. Shouldnt be too difficult for a DE to transition.

Not bad. I believe he led the Ravens in sacks last year.

Check it all out at Gang Green Nation.


Former Ravens DE Trevor Pryce Reportedly Signs With The Jets

The Ravens this week released 35-year old DE Trevor Pryce but suggested quickly afterward that he could be back at a later date in the season.

The team had also signed S Ken Hamlin so they needed an open roster spot.

He may not be returning now. The Jets have reportedly signed Pryce. The Star-Ledger reports the news but they were scooped by Ravens DE Terrell Suggs on his Twitter account.

"kinda sad 2day. my boy trevor pryce signed wit the JETS!!!!! happy for him but would rather he be on my team!!!!!"

The Ravens and Jets have already played each other (in Week 1) so they wouldn't meet again unless it were a playoff game.

Pryce signed onto the Ravens in 2006.

Check out Baltimore Beatdown and Gang Green Nation to see how the fans are reacting to the move.

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