Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Is Rarity

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are two of the NFL's most storied franchises. A matchup between the two, however, is a rarity. Due to the way the NFL puts together the schedule each year, the two rarely share the field, with long gaps between games. The matchup provides intrigue in Super Bowl 45 and gives fans a chance to see these two battle in the NFL's biggest game for the first time.

Here's a look at how the meetings between the Steelers and Packers over the last 50 years.

2009: Steelers (H) 37, Packers 36
2005: Steelers 20, Packers (H) 10
1998: Steelers (H) 27, Packers 20
1995: Packers (H) 24, Steelers 19
1992: Packers (H) 17, Steelers 3
1986: Steelers (H) 27, Packers 3
1983: Steelers 25, Packers (H) 21
1980: Steelers (H) 22, Packers 20
1975: Steelers (H) 16, Packers 13
1970: Packers 20, Steelers (H) 12
1969: Packers 38, Steelers (H) 34
1967: Steelers (H) 24, Packers 17
1965: Packers 41, Steelers (H) 9
1963: Packers (H) 33, Steelers 14
1960: Packers 19, Steelers (H) 13

The two have met 15 times over the last 50 years, nearly splitting the series. The Steelers hold an 8-7 advantage over the period.

Does it mean anything at all when it comes to the Super Bowl matchup? Probably not. Still, it's interesting to look at where these two franchises have come from and how they did head-to-head over the course of history.

The Packers and Steelers will meet in the Super Bowl for the first time on Feb. 6 in Dallas. Stay tuned to our Super Bowl StoryStream as we breakdown the matchup and other relevant information ahead of the game. For more on the two teams, check out SB Nation's Acme Packing Company and Behind The Steel Curtain.

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