Andrew Luck Shocks Everyone, Decides To Return To Stanford Instead Of Entering Draft

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Andrew Luck Staying At Stanford Doesn't Make Carolina Panthers Fans Happy

The Carolina Panthers used a second round pick on QB Jimmy Clausen in 2010 and he was unimpressive much of the year. So when a highly-rated quarterback like Stanford QB Andrew Luck came up for the 2011 NFL draft, the Panthers, who hold the No. 1 pick, were reportedly planning on selecting him.

Of course you heard the news by now that Luck has announced he is staying at Stanford next year. SB Nation's Panthers blog, Cat Scratch Reader, calls the Luck's decision a "serious blow".
While not a surprise in and of itself this is a serious blow both to the Panthers organization, and the morale of a disenfranchised fan-base whose patience was stretched thin during the 2010 season.     
As of now, there's no sure-fire No. 1 pick in the draft right now. The entire field is pretty open. But thinking you're going to be able to select the quarterback of a draft class, and then to have it taken away can be a little rough. 

Check out Cat Scratch Reader to see how Panthers fans are reacting. 

Andrew Luck Won't Enter 2011 NFL Draft, Elects To Return To Stanford

We searched through plenty of 2011 NFL mock drafts and they all said the same thing -- Andrew Luck will be picked No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers. The Stanford QB is the clear cut top prospect in this draft so it makes sense for the Panthers to select him.

That's assuming he's even in the draft. The problem? He won't be.

Stanford is expected to announce Luck will return to school for his final season. Though some have doubted whether Luck would leave Stanford, this is still a shocking turn of events, as many figured he was as good as gone.

The 2011 NFL draft takes a major turn of events as there's no clear cut No. 1 prospect. 

This also could affect the situation with Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. Though he's now reportedly leaning toward accepting an offer from the Miami Dolphins, would Luck's decision to stay in school make him change his mind? 

We'll figure out soon enough what this means to the rest of the draft but Carolina Panthers fans at Cat Scratch Reader can't be feeling too good right now. 


2011 NFL Draft: Carolina Panthers Will Draft Andrew Luck If Available, According To Report

If quarterback Andrew Luck decides to declare for the 2011 NFL Draft, it means that Monday night's Orange Bowl was his final game at Stanford (not a bad way to go out). It also means he'll be joining the Carolina Panthers. 

According to a report at ESPN, which quotes "two high-ranking team officials," the Panthers are set on drafting Luck with the No. 1 overall pick come April. 

While it may be a bit premature to decide your first-round pick before meeting with him or putting him through a workout, Luck has been considered the No. 1 pick for some time now by NFL draft experts, and chances are the Panthers have already seen everything they need to see (especially after Monday night's performance: 18-for-23, 287 yards and four touchdowns). 

The Panthers have already stated that they won't even consider trading down if Luck declares. Of course, this is all a moot point if Luck, a redshirt sophomore, decides to return to Stanford for another season -- something he is in fact considering. 


2011 NFL Draft: Andrew Luck Leads Stanford In Orange Bowl; Carolina Panthers Next?

Andrew Luck may have played his final college football game on Monday night against Virginia Tech in the Orange Bow and, if he did, he went out in style. Luck was efficient completing 18-of-23 passes for four touchdowns and one interception. Stanford finished the game off 40-12 scoring 27 unanswered second half points as Luck was named MVP.

The question everyone wanted to know wasn't answered following the game. Luck declined to answer questions about whether he will enter the 2011 NFL draft as speculation continues on his future.

The Carolina Panthers hold the top overall pick and they're expected to seriously consider Luck if he decides to leave. SB Nation's Cat Scratch Reader was watching the game and obviously came away impressed with Luck's performance.

One of the biggest contentions against Luck has been the "he didn't play anybody" argument. Well, he certainly had the opportunity to defeat this argument tonight, as he faced a highly touted Virginia Tech defense, who ranked 8th in the NCAA in defensive pass efficiency (opposing QB's had a 105.66 rating against VT)*, and if you watched this game you would have to agree that Luck stepped up to the challenge and passed it with flying colors.

Luck passed the test last night in the Orange Bowl and did it on a big stage so he has momentum on his side if he decides to leave. 

Check out Cat Scratch Reader to see what Panthers fans are saying about Luck.


2011 NFL Draft: Will Andrew Luck Declare And Leave Stanford Early?

According to our 2011 NFL Mock Draft, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will go No. 1 overall to the Carolina Panthers in April's draft. This seems to be the consensus amongst NFL prognosticators. There is one problem, of course: Luck is a sophomore and has yet to declare for the 2011 NFL Draft.

While it seems hard to imagine a 21-year-old passing up $50 million (plus) to play another season in college, Luck may do just that. He comes from a well-off family that isn't in need of the money -- his father is an ex-NFL QB who is now the A.D. at West Virginia -- and Luck seems legitimately interested in continuing to attend Stanford and play college football.

Luck says after Monday night's Orange Bowl, he plans to make a checklist with his family to help decide whether to stay or go. In the meantime, his head coach Jim Harbough says he'll offer some advice. From the Palm Beach Post:

"I'm going to just tell him, 'Just do what's best for your family. Do what's best for yourself.' Andrew's got a great, supportive family. They're very smart and they will figure out what's best for Andrew."

If what's best for Andrew ends up being the NFL, then our last chance to see him as an amateur will be Monday night at 8 p.m. against the Virginia Tech Hokies. It should be must-see TV.

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