Vince Young Reportedly Reaches Agreement With Philadelphia Eagles

It's official: Vince Young was released by the Titans on Thursday.

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Vince Young, Philadelphia Eagles Reportedly Reach Contract Agreement

Albert Breer tweets that quarterback Vince Young is set to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vince Young has reached a one-year deal with the Eagles. Will sign it tomorrow.

Young would, of course, be the backup to Michael Vick, and this move would represent a good match of team and player, given that the Eagles just shipped Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals, and Young throws footballs with his arm. And, to be fair, he actually did it pretty well in 2010, averaging eight yards per attempt and only throwing three picks in 156 attempts.

Young won't be a starter in Philadelphia, obviously, and it's interesting to see him enter a situation in which he doesn't control his own destiny in becoming one (short of going all Tonya Harding on Vick, which we obviously don't advise). But Young has been dogged by questions about his leadership abilities and work ethic, and teams who drafted quarterbacks tended not to be terribly interested in him.

For more on Vince Young and the Eagles, check out Bleeding Green Nation.


Vince Young Thinking About Backing Up Michael Vick, According To Report

Vince Young is going to need a new football team to play for. In the tradition of football teams for which Vince Young plays, it should probably be a team that can attract a lot of attention with him on board. Hey, perfect!

Adam Schefter reports Young is leaning towards the Philadelphia Eagles, where he'd back up Michael Vick, and that Philly could be his top choice at the moment. The Eagles do need a veteran backup after having just dealt Kevin Kolb -- their only options at this point are Mike Kafka and Jerrod Johnson.

Could Andy Reid set up an ideal situation for Young, just as he's done with like every quarterback in the league? It would be hard to bet against just about any passer in that system.

Check out Music City Miracles to see how Titans fans are reacting to the end of the Young era, and stop by Bleeding Green Nation for some perspective on the rumors.Visit SB Nation’s 2011 NFL free agency hub for the latest news on all 32 teams.


Official: Vince Young Released By Tennessee Titans

With a simple tweet from the Tennessee Titans Twitter page, the Vince Young era is over in Tennessee. The Titans officially released Young on Thursday, as they were expected to do. The decision was made at the end of the 2010 season to move on from Young (and, as we later found out, head coach Jeff Fisher).

Young now enters the open market and it's not clear where he'll go next. Rumors have connected to the Philadelphia Eagles but that's all those right now -- rumors.

SB Nation's Music City Miracles offers up a couple more ideas on Young's next landing spot.

It is going to be interesting to see where Vince goes from here. The thinking for a long time was that he would end up in Miami, but if they Dolphins are able to make a trade forKyle Orton that isn't likely. It is hard to see anywhere that he is a really good fit outside of that. I guess the Broncosmight have a spot for him if they trade Orton. He could go there and push Tebow for the #1 job.

Young can officially sign with a team on Friday night when players are permitted to sign with teams.

Check out Music City Miracles to see how Titans fans are reacting to the end of the 


Vince Young Will Be Released By Tennessee Titans On Thursday

Vince Young has known his future probably wasn't with the Tennessee Titans for quite awhile now.  When the NFL officially allows teams to release players on Thursday, Young's free agency tour will commence as the team that drafted the former Texas quarterback has plans to release him rather than trade him.

The news that Young will be released rather than traded was first reported by Titans Insidervia Pro Football Talk, and comes only because Tennessee's front office was apparently unable to find any suitors willing to send the Titans anything in return.

Young probably won't have any trouble finding a new team, despite a few public issues during his five-year run with the Titans, as he's still fairly young and seems to have enough talent that he's worth taking a chance on if his new team doesn't have to give anything up in order to get him.

Hopefully Young gets his career back on track, sooner rather than later, before he becomes just another cautionary tale.


Don't Expect Vince Young To Land With Minnesota Vikings

The Tennessee Titans will attempt to trade QB Vince Young and, if that's not possible, they will release him. There are several teams in need of a quarterback so, if Young is going to be a starter again, he has just a few options.

One of those teams would be the Minnesota Vikings, who drafted QB Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. If they were looking for a veteran to start the season, or maybe a backup to whoever their starter is, perhaps they'd look at Young.

Or not.

The Vikings haven't had any internal discussions about acquiring Young according to Steve Wyche of The speculation with Minnesota started when Young's former quarterbacks coach took a jon with the Vikings. But really it's no surprise as the only other team we've really heard connected to Young is the Washington Redskins and that's a big rumor at this point.

The problem with acquiring Young is that he wants to start and many teams picked up quarterbacks in the draft. Judging by his history, Vince Young isn't the guy that needs to be mentoring young draft picks so there just aren't a lot of options out there. 


Report: Titans Will Attempt To Trade Vince Young Rather Than Release Him

It's a sign of the times of turmoil in Tennessee: first coach Jeff Fisher was fired after nearly two decades at the helm of the franchise, and now the Titans are looking to trade Vince Young.

That second part comes from a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, who cites a source saying the Titans will attempt to trade Young rather than release him.

This news may come as a bit of a surprise to Titans fans who saw the weird relationships between Fisher, Young, and owner Bud Adams as the conflicts sinking the team over the past few years. It was widely believed that Adams believed in Young far more than Fisher did, and had been pushing for the number three pick in the 2005 NFL Draft to win the starting job, but by firing Fisher and reportedly looking to shop Young, it seems like the only winner of that battle is the guy who owns the team.

That makes sense, sure, but it leaves the Titans with a dearth of leadership and vacuums at two of the most important jobs for an NFL team. With the way the Titans seem to be twisting in the wind, Adams' moves are not even close to sure bets.

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