NFL Trade Deadline: Packers, Lions Could Use Help For Home Stretch

The NFL trade deadline might be the only hope for two NFC North teams aiming at toppling the Green Bay Packers. Could the right deal give the Lions or even the Bears a shot? Click here for all of our NFL trade rumors.

The Green Bay Packers look impossible to stop, running their season undefeated streak to six games today. Green Bay looks tough to beat. Right now, anything less than a trip to the Super Bowl would have to be considered a disappointment for the Packers. However, two teams right below the Packers in the NFC North also have designs on the division crown. Both of those teams could be looking for some help before Tuesday's NFL trade deadline to shore up rosters and give Green Bay a chase.

Detroit lost its undefeated bid today, dropping one to the San Francisco 49ers. Still, having tasted success, the Lions might be looking to swing the right deal in order to give Green Bay a run for its money and get deeper in anticipation of a playoff run. Behind the Lions are the Chicago Bears, a tremendous disappointment so far after winning the division last year. Two games back, it seems unlikely they can catch the Packers, but they can salvage it all with a Wild Card run. Minnesota is out of it. They have to convince fans and the local government that they can get things turned soon enough to grease the skids for help with a new stadium. 

Green Bay Packers

Needs: cornerback, safety, extra room in the trophy case

Opponents have been able to accumulate some passing yards against the Packers. They let Sam Bradford of the Rams pass for more than 300 yards this weekend, and Cam Newton gave them a scare. Still, pointing to a need on this team is just quibbling with as close to perfection as it gets in the NFL. 

Potential targets: none

Detroit Lions

Needs: cornerback, offensive line

Detroit's roster oozes talent, but the team definitely has its weaknesses. The defense can get pressure on opposing quarterbacks, but they lack the talent in the secondary to compete with the likes of Green Bay. The normally unstoppable Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford can't do it all. They need some help. A stronger offensive line would seal up Stafford's protection and create more running space for the backs. For that matter, they could stand to upgrade their running backs, with either a bowling ball type or a third down pass blocking specialist. 

Potential targets: Champ Bailey, Asante Samuel, Jason Smith, Tashard Choice

Samuel would cost an arm and a leg. It might not be worth it for a team that could be a couple good drafts away from a dynasty. Bailey makes much more sense. He gives them a savvy veteran to bolster their depth at the position. Jason Smith could probably use a coach with the passion of Jim Schwartz. Choice would bolster their pass blocking.

Chicago Bears

Team needs: offensive line, wide receiver

The Bears need big help to keep QB Jay Culter in one piece. Strong performances from Matt Forte helped take some pressure off, but teams have to pass in this league. Of course, quarterbacks need players to pass to when they do actually get the chance.  

Potential targets: Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Lloyd, Jason Smith

It's going to be next to possible to find offensive line help from any source other than street free agents. Maybe the Rams would relish the opportunity to move on from Smith. Bowe is a long shot to be traded, but what better way to improve the offense. It would make no sense to upgrade the receivers without addressing the line in Chicago. 

Minnesota Vikings

Team needs: wide receiver, new stadium

Minnesota is one of those teams that should be offloading dead weight. They need every draft pick they can get. Cornerback Antoine Winfield is one candidate to get moved, but Minnesota just does have many names to part with this year. 

Potential targets: none

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