Carson Palmer Trade: Raiders Fans Have Mixed Reactions

The Oakland Raiders have acquired Carson Palmer in a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals and the price is steep -- a first round pick in 2012 and a conditional pick in 2013 that could turn into another first rounder. The reaction in Cincinnati is overwhelmingly positive with some Bengals fans calling owner Mike Brown a genius.

The reaction in Oakland is a little different. Most fans at SB Nation's Silver and Black Pride seem to be saying this is not a good move for Oakland.

Here's a sampling of the comments from those who disagree with the move:

Palmer for a 1st round pick? That would be a HUGE mistake. He's not that good people...look at the last season he played, he was barely mediocre.

Carson Palmer is washed up and not worth a 2nd round pick let alone a first....Not to mention he comes with a huge price tag...what a foolish and desperate move Hue.

This guy isn't the Richard Seymour of QBs. He's got very little left to offer and to waste more than a 2nd round pick is disgusting. Look at this last season in Cincy...he wasn't even average. I'd rather keep the picks and roll with Boller...easy decision.

The 2012 first rounder and a conditional first round pick in 2013. Horrible. If we were a Super Bowl contender, then maybe you go for it. Instead we are abandoning the thing that has led to our resurgence in the first place- the draft. Kyle Boller sucks, but I'd rather ride out the rest of the season with Kyle Boller than trade away TWO first round draft picks for a QB who is about to turn 32. Facepalm.

There goes next years draft and 2013 is already being ttaken away. I hate this move severe overreaction to Campbell going down.. NOW WE HAVE TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS or this is stupid. Campbell is done with the raiders now. HATE THIS move.

And a few that like the move....


The change of envrironment will be good for him. He had Ocho and TO to deal with and reportedly wasnt happy in Cincy. I think he'll be happy in Silver and Black where there are no divas.

Hue is a gambler. I'll ride with whatever he chooses. Bet the house!!!!!!

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