NFL Debrief, Week 7: Tim Tebow's Unbelievable, Carson Palmer's Not And New QBs Struggle

Tim Tebow engineers a comeback win, New Orleans puts up 60-plus points, and the Carson Palmer era starts off with three interceptions in one half. It's all explained in this week's NFL Debrief.

The NFL's Week 7 is almost over, and it's been another week of expecting the unexpected. Of course Tim Tebow played awful for 55 minutes and borderline incredible for five minutes. Of course the Chiefs pick off the Raiders quarterbacks six times en route to a shutout in Oakland. Of course the Saints scored 62 points.

Just further proving that we really don't know anything about the NFL. Here's a look at the top storylines coming out of Week 7.

The Denver-Miami game is almost too hard to believe. The winless Dolphins are en route to their first victory as they're holding a shutout over the Broncos, 15-0, with about five and a half minutes to play. Tim Tebow, starting his first game this season, had been truly pathetic with just 40 yards on 4-of-14 passing. And then ... something happened. Tebow turned it on and in the final 2:44 of the game put together 15 points -- a scoring drive of 80 and then 56 yards, including an onside kick, to take the game to overtime where the Broncos were able to strip-sack Matt Moore, recover and kick a 52-yard field goal for the win. So the Tebow era....yeah, I'm not really sure what to think. It certainly wasn't pretty but at the end of the day, the NFL is a results-driven business and Tebow produced results on Sunday.

New quarterbacks don't fare well in Week 7. There were a whopping six new quarterbacks starting a game in Week 7 -- Tebow, Redskins' John Beck, Vikings' Christian Ponder, Raiders' Kyle Boller, Rams' A.J. Feeley and the Seahawks' Charlie Whitehurst. Of those six, Tebow is the only one to emerge victorious.

The Carson Palmer era goes kerplunk. Palmer came into Sunday's game against the Chiefs because Kyle Boller had three first half interceptions. There's no way Palmer could do worse, right? Well, he too had three interceptions. Terrelle Pryor also saw a snap in this game where he lined up as a receiver and went in motion to take the snap (it was a penalty) so all three Raiders quarterbacks saw the field on Sunday.

For now, Arian Foster > Chris Johnson. Foster blew up big-time for your fantasy football team on Sunday pulling in over 100 receiving yards and putting up another 100-plus on the ground as the Texans destroyed the Titans, 41-7. Chris Johnson looked miserable, running the ball 10 times for 18 yards, and after the game you could tell he was on the verge of blaming his offensive line for his 2.9 yards per carry this season. Right now, the two players aren't comparable. Johnson is playing like one of the worst starting running backs in the league and it's the worst kind of bad -- the kind of back who you know can be good so he continues to get carries even though there are no results. (Sorta like Larry Johnson is his final years with the Chiefs. Speaking of the Chiefs...)

Chiefs quietly turning around their season. I'm not sure if anyone realized this, but KC has now won three in a row after starting the season 0-3. Their defense shut the Raiders out and they haven't allowed a point since the second quarter against Indy in Week 5. What's amazing is that they're hosting the Chargers on Monday Night Football next week and, if the Chiefs win, they'll be tied with the Chargers for first place in the AFC West. Not bad for a team who lost 89-10 in their first two games. Speaking of San Diego ...

The Chargers blow it against New York. This was a pretty big loss for the Chargers and a huge win for New York. For San Diego, it prevents them from pulling away in the AFC West and there are once again people wondering why Philip Rivers is having such an average season. For New York, it moves them to a winning record, 4-3, which is enough to keep them in the conversation of a very, very competitive AFC East. The worst part about this game for the Chargers is that they know they should've won it. Up 21-10 at halftime, and the Jets offense puts up 17 unanswered points, including three touchdowns to Plaxico.

The Packers are the best team in football, by far. It's not even a question as they sit at 7-0 on the season. What was shaping up to be an epic divisional battle between Green Bay and Detroit is now starting to look like the Lions just playing for second place. Detroit has now lost two in a row after starting the season 5-0 and the Packers haven't slowed down. Aaron Rodgers as the MVP is about the easiest vote we have in the NFL this season.

Several candidates for the worst team in football. The Colts are the only 0-7 team and they looked the part of a team that would go 0-16 when the Saints embarrassed them by putting up 62 points. The Dolphins were unbelievable on Sunday and not in a good way as they move to 0-6. The Rams lost again moving them to 0-6 and they face the Saints next week so 0-7 is on the horizon. The Jaguars deserve mention at 1-6 and no real prospects of getting better. The Vikings are taking advantage of their poor start (1-6) by playing the rookie quarterback. The worst of the bunch? For my money, it's the Dolphins.

We still don't really know anything about the playoff picture yet. We're nearing the halfway point of the season but there are only a couple teams who are pulling away in their division -- Packers have a two-game lead over the Lions and the 49ers have a three-game lead over the Seahawks. Those are the only two teams with more than a one-game lead in their division so lots can (and will) change over the next few weeks.

The Philly reclamation project continues next week. The Eagles will play the Redskins and a win really puts them back in the thick of the NFC East. The Giants are 4-2 and in first place while the Redskins and Cowboys are hanging around at 3-3 in front of the 2-4 Eagles. If Philly has as hot this season, they have to go on a lengthy winning streak. The NFC East is looking as jumbled as it can be with no clear cut best-team in there.

TV networks blow it on primetime games this week. Colts-Saints (Sunday Night Football) and Ravens-Jaguars (Monday Night Football) as your two primetime games this week is pretty miserable. The Colts were totally thrashed, 62-7, the first time a football team has scored 60-plus since the Jaguars blew up the Dolphins in the 1999 playoffs. Ravens-Jaguars probably won't be much better. The Ravens might be the best team in the AFC, while the Jaguars are in the conversation for worst after losing five straight.
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