Ranking NFL Games 41-50, As Previewed By Your College Roommate Who Wants To Make Food For The Game But Doesn't Know Anything About Cooking

As noted, the rest of this list will be ranked by special guest previewers. Please enjoy the 41st through 50th most interesting games remaining in the NFL season, and please welcome our special guest,  Your College Roommate Who Wants To Make Food For The Game But Doesn't Know Anything About Cooking.

41. New England at Philadelphia (Week 12)
Hey man, want to get together and watch this game? I was thinking about maybe having a barbecue. I know we don't have an outdoor grill, but I do have this Foreman grill my mom got me. It gets hot, obviously, so it's basically the same thing. Plus, it gives you the flavor of grill marks.

Winner: Eagles.

42. San Diego at Chicago (Week 11)
Oh hey, I could make some Chicago-style pizza. Do you know how to make dough? I'm a little rusty on it, but you basically just have to make flour really wet. Tomato sauce is pretty cheap, too. We could always get the shredded mozzarella cheese, but it seems like it would be more economical to just get one of those blocks of cheddar cheese and slice it up. That's what I call gourmet on a budget! Mama mia!

Sorry. I think it might be racist to say "mama mia." I went to a demonstration about it.

Winner: Bears.

43. NY Giants at New Orleans (Week 12, Monday night)
All right! The perfect occasion for a genuine Mardi Gras treat! I see frozen shrimp all the time at the store. I figure I could just use the "flash fry" technique. You get the stove really super hot and then just throw the frozen shrimp right in. Maybe I could use some cooking spray first, but that's not how the Cajuns did it. They used things from the Earth.

Winner: Saints.

44. Carolina at New Orleans (Week 17)
Okay this week we will not do a Mardi Gras party and I am sorry about the food poisoning. Do you have food poisoning still? I bought a thing of garlic at the store. Wikipedia says garlic has healing properties. I don't know how to get the garlic out of its garlic thing though. I thought garlics were basically tiny potatoes.

Winner: Panthers.

45. NY Jets at Philadelphia (Week 15)
New York. The city of brotherly... the city of apple. The Big Apple. How about we fire up the Foreman and make some New York-style strip steaks! I already got all the stuff at the store. Salt? Check. Pepper? From the Wendy's, but still, check. Steaks?

Well okay, steaks ended up being real expensive at the store, so we're going to do chicken steaks. How do you want your chicken steak cooked? I'm going rare, baby. Anthony Bourdain says you're an idiot if you don't have your steak rare.

Winner: Eagles.

46. San Diego at Detroit (Week 16)
It's hard to do a food theme based on Detroit because Detroit has "food deserts." I read about it on a blog. Maybe we could just save the money we would have spent on food and donate it to Detroit. I've been thinking about doing activism.

Winner: Lions.

47. Tampa Bay at Atlanta (Week 17)
Hey, let's just do chili night. It's really easy. You just break up some burgers and throw it in the pot with some Hormel chili. We could get fancy and do some onions, too. Then just simmer that on boiling heat until the chili has been rendered.

Winner: Falcons.

48. New Orleans at Atlanta (Week 10)
I saw something on Food Network about a dish called ceviche. You just get fish and put it in lemon juice and it cooks itself! I could definitely... okay fine, you don't have to be some huge asshole about it. Oh. Okay, fine, I won't try to make any more food, ever! Is that how you feel about it? I don't... I don't care. Who cares.

Winner: Saints.

49. Green Bay at NY Giants (Week 13)
I just got some Taco Bell. I don't care. It's not a big deal.

Winner: Packers.

50. Kansas City at Denver (Week 17)
Who cares if I'm eating saltines out of the box? It's still food. If you judge me, you're a food bigot.

Winner: Chiefs.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for the rest of the rankings.

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