Ranking NFL Games 51-60, As Previewed By A Fourth-Grader Attempting To Bring Her Science Project To School On A School Bus

As noted, the rest of this list will be ranked by special guest previewers. Please enjoy the 51st through 60th most interesting games remaining in the NFL season, and please welcome our special guest, A Fourth-Grader Attempting To Bring Her Science Project To School On A School Bus.

51. Tampa Bay at Carolina (Week 16)
Oh, well, I watched the Panthers with my dad one time. Cam Newton is good at throwing passes, but he runs a lot too, which is weird for a quarterback. What team is Tampa Bay? Oh. Well, I don't know much about -- oh! This is just my project for science class.

Winner: Panthers.

52. Cincinnati at Tennessee (Week 9)
Well, my mom and dad helped me do this. It's an experiment where you push this button and this light is supposed to light up. But if you push these two buttons at the same time, this light is supposed to come on instead.

I don't really know much about the Titans but I have been on a car ride through Nashville, so I guess Tennessee.

Winner: Titans.

53. Atlanta at Carolina (Week 14)
Oh, definitely Cam Newton. I saw that he went to Auburn, but obviously Auburn isn't a state. I think it's weird when college teams aren't named after states. Just call it what--

--aww! Gosh. This part of it came off. I wish the bus wasn't so bumpy. I don't get why they don't make you wear seatbelts when it's way bumpier than a car.

Winner: Panthers.

54. Houston at Cincinnati (Week 14)
It's okay, I can just glue it. I think the glue is in my-- oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, I forgot my backpack! I was just afraid to miss the bus so I got my project and I ran out the door, and I just forgot my backpack.

Oh my gosh, my lunch money was in my backpack.

Bengals I guess.

Winner: Bengals.

55. Indianapolis at Baltimore (Week 14)
Maybe Mrs. Franklin can let me borrow a dollar. My friend did that once when she forgot her lunch money. I think it's a law where you have to give kids a lunch. I hope-- OH! That's the team where Peyton Manning's hurt!

So now they have the rock and roll guy with the long hair playing quarterback. I hate him. I don't know why, it's not nice to hate him and he never did anything wrong. But I hate him. I hope he scores negative-negative-50 points.

Winner: Ravens.

56. Cleveland at Cincinnati (Week 12)
Oh, so that's between two Ohio teams? My dad had a joke about that, he said that game is going to be, wait, what did he say? Oh, he said "that game's gonna be like church for the afternoon." My mom laughed a lot at it. It was really--

Oh no. Oh gosh, where did the buzzer go? Did you see where the buzzer part went? I think it just fell off. There was a buzzer part right here that's supposed to buzz when you push the button.

Winner: Bengals.

57. Pittsburgh at Kansas City (Week 12, Sunday night)
Oh, that's on Thanksgiving weekend! I might be able to watch it. Mom and dad aren't as strict about bedtime when it's a holiday weekend. It's sort of an unofficial rule.

Hold on for a minute, I'm going to just test it out and make sure everything else works okay. The buzzer was really just for show. I just need the light part of it to work.

But I'm trying to watch more football, though. I like it a lot. My mom told me that when she was little, girls weren't really supposed to watch football and that it was just for boys. She likes football too. It's just really cool because there's a lot of decisions you have to make. Like, what if it's fourth and one and you're at the 50? Do you go for it? I would unless my offense was HORRIBLE. Okay hold on, just need to push this real fast.

It's not working. Nothing happened! I need the buzzer! The signal has to go through the buzzer part before it gets to the light part! 

Winner: Chiefs.

58. Green Bay at Kansas City (Week 15)
I just asked the kids behind me if they saw the buzzer on the floor anywhere. I think they were laughing at me. I hope they weren't laughing at me. They said they didn't see it.

What? Wait... oh, that was the first Super Bowl! Super Bowl I! I got a book for my birthday about all of the Super Bowls. I think it's weird that the Chiefs were in the very first one. Well, I mean, just because they aren't really all that good and they don't ever go to the Super Bowl, but the Packers go to the Super Bowl all the time. So I think it would be cool if the Chiefs won this one, because--

One of them just called me a dork. I heard it.

Winner: Packers.

59. Detroit at Oakland (Week 15)

Winner: Lions.

60. NY Giants at San Francisco (Week 10)
I feel so stupid. I haven't cried in school since second grade, when I couldn't figure out a math problem. The bus counts as school.

[sniffles] It's okay. I think I can just call my mom once I get to school and she can come and bring me a different buzzer part, and I can just fix it with the stuff at school. We have another one because the buzzers came in two-packs for some reason. I guess it's a good thing!

Whew. Haha. It's going to be okay. Um... I don't really know why the 49ers are so good. They don't have a famous quarterback, or at least he's not famous to me. I'm still trying to figure out all the defense stuff. I know there's the front guys, obviously, and a safety, but I don't get what makes them better. It's not just that they're bigger, because why don't they just get a bunch of Sumo wrestlers?

You aren't supposed to call a girl a dork. You shouldn't call anybody a dork.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for the rest of the rankings.

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