Ranking NFL Games 101-110, As Previewed By A Galumphing, Indecisive Couple At A Blockbuster Video In 2006

As noted, the rest of this list will be ranked by special guest previewers. Please enjoy the 101st through 110th most interesting games remaining in the NFL season, and please welcome our special guest, A Galumphing, Indecisive Couple At A Blockbuster Video In 2006.

101. Dallas at Arizona (Week 13)
Well, I was thinking that maybe Wicker Man might be out already. Wicker Man seems like it would be a pretty good movie, heard it was pretty good.

Winner: Cardinals.

102. San Francisco at Washington (Week 9)
Yes, sir, 'scuse us, I was wondering whether you have Wicker Man on video. OK thank you. Hmm. Well I don't know if it's one word or two. Could you look up "Wickerman" in your computer, just one word? Oh. Oh okay. Okay, well thank you.

Winner: 49ers.

103. Denver at Buffalo (Week 16)
Welp, whole reason we went to the Blockbuster was to get Wickerman. Anything you feel like watchin' besides from Wickerman? Thought maybe we could see if they might could have any new releases that are any good. They usually have those on the wall. Wanna go over to the wall, see if maybe they might could have some good new releases?

Winner: Bills.

104. San Francisco at Arizona (Week 14)
Hmm, they got Hitch. Looks like Hitch could be a funny movie. Seems like Will Smith's doin' a lot of weird art movies these days though. He did that movie Robot, I didn't care for that one too much, did you? Oh yeah, it was called I, Robot. Seemed like maybe a little too artsy for me.

Winner: 49ers.

105. NY Jets at Washington (Week 13)
They got a new Batman out too, though. You ever see any of the Batmans? "Batman Begins," it says. So maybe they're just makin' new Batmans now? Haha, that's Hollyweird for ya. Out with the old, in with the new!

Winner: Jets.

106. St. Louis at Pittsburgh (Week 16)
Hmm. "The Constant Gardener." I don't know why they gotta have so many weird movie titles. Guess you have to stand out from the pack, huh? Well maybe we could give Constant Gardener a spin. Or maybe we could try callin' another Blockbuster and seein' if maybe they got Wickerman.

They probly don't got Wickerman. Could maybe just see Wickerman in the theater tonight, but nah, I don't really wanna pay a fortune for popcorn either. It's highway robbery! I could make the same amount of popcorn for a lot cheaper by just goin' to the Price Chopper and gettin' a bag of popcorn kernels and just poppin' 'em on the stove! They'd be a lot more healthy, too. Just don't use so much butter, that's the secret to it.

Wonder if they actually got Wickerman and they just forgot about it and put it behind the wrong box.

Winner: Steelers.

107. Miami at New England (Week 16)
Oh look, they got Da Vinci Code. Got Tom Hanks in it. He was in Apollo 13, really liked him in that. Wha? No, I think probly he's not an astronaut in this one. Might could be a good movie though, especially since they made a book out of it.

Winner: Patriots.

108. Jacksonville at Cleveland (Week 11)
Hey, they got Museum Night, though! Oh yeah, right, "Night in the Museum" it's called. "Night at the Museum." But what if it's a kids movie, though? Wonder if they got a new Shrek out. Really liked Shrek 1, heard they were makin' more Shreks. Think I saw on the TV Guide channel that they were makin' more Shreks. You want to go see if they might could look up and see if they got any Shreks?

Winner: Browns.

109. Jacksonville at Atlanta (Week 15, Thursday night)
Oh! Honey, they said they got a Shrek 2! Say, you got any Shrek 2s left? Ah dang, they say they don't have any more Shrek 2s. Well do you got a Shrek 1? Honey, you wanna just get Shrek 1? I'm sorry, 'scuse us, we're gonna think it over a little bit, see if we wanna watch Shrek 1 tonight.

Winner: Falcons.

110. Arizona at San Francisco (Week 11)
Alrighty sir, think we decided, we're gonna go ahead and get Shrek 1. Ah? Aw, honey, they took Shrek 1! Sorry, I knew I shoulda asked to save it. Well now we're down to Hitch and Wickerman. Oh yeah, they ain't have Wickerman. Okay well we could just get Hitch then. Hope it's not too artsy. Sir, if we got this Hitch tape you think it'd be too artsy? He says no it wouldn't be too artsy if we rented Hitch an' watched it.

Okay well let's look around a little longer. Oh look, they got Cars! I guess Pixar's doin' cars movies now. Thought they mostly did toy movies.

Winner: 49ers.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for the rest of the rankings.

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