NFL Week 14 Highlights: Long Runs, TD Dances And Broken Records

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ANIMATED: Marion Barber's Fumble Gifts Denver Broncos An Overtime Win

The Denver Broncos have done it again. Going into the end of their game with the Chicago Bears, they were down 10-0. They did not deserve to have any points, because they had played an exceptionally poor game. Then, they came alive and scored 10 points, capped off by a 59-yard Matt Prater field goal to get into overtime. The dream comeback appeared to be up when the Bears got into field goal range in OT. Then, this happened.


All Marion Barber needed to do was hold onto the ball. Robbie Gould had already nailed a franchise record 57-yard field goal earlier in the game, and he's one of the most reliable kickers in football. If the Bears don't turn the ball over or take a sack on their last offensive play, they likely go on to win the game. Instead, this fumble led to the Broncos getting into field goal range and Prater striking again, hitting a 51-yard field goal to give the Broncos the 13-10 win.

For more on the Broncos head over to Mile High Report. For more on the Bears, check out Windy City Gridiron. Follow the rest of week 14 at SB Nation NFL.


VIDEO: Matt Prater Hits Game-Tying 59-Yard Field Goal In Bears Vs. Broncos

Are you sick of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos? There's a decent chance that you're sick of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately for you, they're going into overtime in the game that everyone is now watching. The Broncos were down 10-0 late in the fourth quarter, but they managed a fantastic comeback. After Tebow led a touchdown drive, the Broncos failed to recover the onside kick, but did force a Bears punt. Tebow then got Matt Prater close enough to attempt this 59-yard field goal.

In the fourth quarter, Tebow was 15-20 for 163 yards. This was after he had a downright abysmal first three quarters. Literally nothing about Tebow and the Broncos makes any sense at all, but good god, what a kick by Matt Prater.

For more on the Broncos head over to Mile High Report. For more on the Bears, check out Windy City Gridiron. Follow the rest of week 14 at SB Nation NFL.


VIDEO: Marcel Reese Fumbles, Erik Walden Scores Touchdown In Raiders Vs. Packers

Things are going very poorly for the Oakland Raiders for the second week in a row. They're currently down 43-7 to the Green Bay Packers, partially thanks to this defensive touchdown scored by linebacker Erik Walden. Marcel Reese might get a bit of a chewing out on the sidelines for this fumble, though it's not like this was a backbreaker for the Silver and Black. They've struggled all game long, and this was just the icing on the cake for the Packers.

This play was the subject of a lengthy review, but the call on the field was confirmed by the officials. This touchdown marked the end of Aaron Rodgers' day, as they made the decision to pull him for Matt Flynn after Walden's score. The Packers have been good, but the Raiders are making their day very easy with turnovers.

For more on the two teams, check out Green Bay Packers blog Acme Packing Company and Oakland Raiders blog Silver And Black Pride.


VIDEO: Philip Rivers With The Most Philip Rivers Fumble Ever

The San Diego Chargers had a solid 16-3 lead in the third quarter of their game against the Buffalo Bills. Rivers got the shotgun snap, taking it back to his own goal line. He then fumbled it just in time for Bills defensive back Bryan Scott to cover it up in the end zone for a touchdown.

Here is the video of Rivers helping Buffalo back into the game.

That is the first turnover for San Diego today. Rivers has 126 passing yards and one touchdown to go with the fumble.

Here's the GIF version of Rivers' fumble.


San Diego is taking all kinds of heat for their recent, annual collapse. Reports already seem to point to head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith getting the boot once the season ends. San Diego lost six straight prior to their win last week.

Buffalo could use a win themselves. Whether or not they can capitalize on the defensive points remains to be seen.


VIDEO: Larry Fitzgerald Makes Spectacular Touchdown Catch For Cardinals Vs. 49ers

The football played between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals in the first half of their NFC West clash has been far from pretty. The 49ers have all of the field goals, while Kevin Kolb has suffered yet another injury. The Niners defense has kept the Cards at bay for the most part, with a couple of notable exceptions. This is the most notable exception. Early in the third quarter, Larry Fitzgerald made a ridiculous catch on a throw by John Skelton, then beat the entire defense to score a ridiculous touchdown, bringing the Cards back within one score. Here's the video.

Skelton's track record suggests that it's not going to be easy for the Cardinals to mount a comeback, but if Fitzgerald is going to make plays like this, anything is possible.

For more on the 49ers head over to Niners Nation. For more on the Cardinals, check out Revenge Of The Birds. Follow the rest of Week 14 at SB Nation NFL.


VIDEO: Aaron Rodgers Fumbles...Except He Doesn't. Tuck Rule!

As usual, things are going the way of the Green Bay Packers. While beating the Oakland Raiders 31-0 in the second quarter and driving in the red zone (seriously), Aaron Rodgers was hit from behind and appeared to fumble, with that fumble returned for a touchdown. The touchdown was nullified for a clipping penalty, but the fumble stood. Mike McCarthy challenged and won, on account of the good old tuck rule. Rodgers' arm was going forward and even though he looked like he wasn't going to throw, he hadn't yet gotten his arm back into a throwing position, so the ruling was an incomplete pass.

The best part? Even though the play was ruled an incomplete pass upon review - meaning the fumble return didn't count - the clipping penalty stood! That gave the Packers' an automatic first down. Rodgers ended up throwing an interception in the end zone, but it was still a hilarious break for the Packers that the clipping call stood.

For more on Rodgers and the Packers, visit our Packers blog ACME Packing Company.


ANIMATED: Jake Locker Goes Airborne For TD

Matt Hasselbeck suffered a calf injury vs. the Saints on Sunday afternoon. Enter Jake Locker, who then did this:

Neat! Let's see that again from a different angle:

Double neat! Locker has thrown for a touchdown and rushed for a touchdown. That's the good news for the Titans. The bad news? Locker has more rushing yards than Tennessee's starting tailback, Chris Johnson. So, yeah.

For more on Jake Locker and the Titans, visit our Titans blog Music City Miracles.


VIDEO: Chiefs Actually Score A Touchdown

The Kansas City Chiefs managed to score a touchdown on Sunday, believe it or not. After picking up just four yards in the first half, Tyler Palko tossed his second career touchdown to bring the Chiefs to within 35-10 of the New York Jets. It wasn't necessarily pretty, but Jerheme Urban came down with a 24-yard touchdown catch in front of a gaggle over Jets defenders.

It was the Chiefs second touchdown in the past four weeks. Of course, on the ensuing kickoff, they managed to perform one of the ugliest onside kick attempts in NFL history.



VIDEO: Joe Webb Scores On A 65-Yard Touchdown Run After Replacing Christian Ponder

The Minnesota Vikings benched rookie quarterback Christian Ponder in the third quarter of their game against the Detroit Lions. Backup quarterback Joe Webb replaced Ponder with eight minutes to go in the third quarter. Webb promptly made his presence felt. On third-and-10 at the Vikings’ 35-yard line, Webb scrambled around the right end and broke off a 65-yard touchdown run to cut the Lions’ lead down to 31-21.

Check out the video of Webb’s run and touchdown:

Ponder, a rookie, was having trouble with turnovers, despite his two touchdown passes. He threw three interceptions, including one that Alphonso Smith returned for a touchdown. Ponder also fumbled twice, one of which was converted into a Lions touchdown as well. His third interception is the one that got him benched for the day.

Prior to this game, Ponder had nine touchdowns and eight interceptions in seven games and six starts. The Vikings made Webb their primary backup after releasing Donovan McNabb.


ANIMATED: Cam Newton Giveth, He Taketh Away

As if compelled to find the equalibrium between touchdowns and interceptions, Cam Newton gave one back in rather glorious fashion. After deftly avoiding a sack, the rookie quarterback attempted an underhanded toss that was predictably picked off. That was his 15th interception of the season, equaling his touchdown total.


Just for good measure, Newton also threw an interception on his next possession. This is all bad news for the Panthers, who looked to be on their way to an impressive victory.

Just to make matters worse, the Atlanta Falcons came right back and scored to pull within 23-16. The touchdown was scored on a beautiful pass to Jacquizz Rodgers from Matt Ryan. The touchdown came on the second play of the drive with Ryan rolling out to his right and then throwing deep across his body in what appeared to be a designed play to get Rodgers isolated on a linebacker.


ANIMATED: London Fletcher Hit On Tom Brady Draws Questionable Personal Foul Call

Late in the first half, with the Patriots driving, Tom Brady scrambled out of the pocket, headed up the field, and slid to avoid a hit. Redskins linebacker London Fletcher hit him anyway, but not particularly hard and, seemingly, not maliciously. You can see that hit in the animated GIFs here:



Fletcher got flagged for that hit, though, with the referee who threw the flag making sure to leave his arm in the air like Michael Jordan hitting a fadeaway. Referee Jeff Tripletee explained the call as a personal foul for a "forearm to the helmet of a quarterback", and was showered with boos at FedEx Field for saying that.

Fletcher, one of the NFL's longest-tenured linebackers, is not regarded as any sort of a dirty player. Brady, whose knee injury in 2008 helped usher in an era of greater protection for quarterbacks, has long been seen as one of the NFL's most-favored players. This hit is certain to be dissected all week — and, given that the Patriots scored on the drive, may end up swinging this game.

For more on the Redskins, head to Hogs Haven; for more on the Patriots, visit Pats Pulpit.


VIDEO: Nate Collins Recovers Josh Freeman Fumble For A Touchdown

It’s a thrilling battle of competence in Jacksonville, where the Jaguars are looking for their first win of the post Jack Del Rio era. Right now, they lead the disappointing Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 21-14. Two of Jacksonville’s touchdowns have come from fumble recoveries.

Tight end Colin Cloherty recovered a fumble on a Tampa Bay return that he turnaround for an 8-yard touchdown. The Jaguars struck again later in the second quarter when defensive tackle Nate Collins recovered a Josh Freeman fumble in the end zone.

Check out the video of Collins’ fumble return right here.

Linebacker Daryl Smith forced Freeman’s fumble. The Bucs quarterback is struggling after his team took a 14-0 lead. Following Collins’ touchdown, Freeman was picked off by Tampa Bay on the next drive.

Jacksonville used three second quarter touchdowns, the two turnovers and a Maurice Jones-Drew rushing touchdown, to erase Tampa’s lead and go up by seven of their own.


VIDEO: DeSean Jackson Makes Up For Mistake

DeSean Jackson has had no one's idea of a good season. But on Sunday two plays pretty much summed up how 2011 has been going for the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver.

The sequence started with Jackson taking a punt deep in Eagles territory and tossing a lateral across the field to Curtis Marsh, who promptly fumbled it. That gave the Miami Dolphins the ball on the 24-yard line. But Matt Moore fumbled on the next play, giving the Eagles the ball back on the 27.

Three plays later, the Eagles had moved all the way down to the Dolphins 34. That's when Michael Vick lofted a ball to Jackson in the back of the end zone. Jackson brought it down, giving the Eagles a 24-7 lead late in the second quarter.

Jackson now has three catches for 55 yards and a touchdown. That was Jackson's first touchdown since Week 5. He also has a chance to go over 100 yards for the first time since Week 4.


VIDEO: Greg Olsen Scores 42-Yard Touchdown

Something has happened to the Atlanta Falcons defense and the Carolina Panthers are more than happy to take advantage. The latest player to look like a stud against them is Greg Olsen, who just scored a 42-yard touchdown to give the Panthers a 21-6 lead over the Falcons.

Just a week ago, the Falcons had won 5 of 6 and looked to be a contender. After Olsen's touchdown, they find themselves looking at a second straight loss.

Olsen didn't have to do anything special on this one either. He broke a couple tackles, but nothing spectacular and just kinda jogged into the end zone.


VIDEO: Jerome Simpson Touchdown And Celebration

The Cincinnati Bengals extended an early lead over the Houston Texans with a second quarter touchdown. Rookie sensation Andy Dalton hit Jerome Simpson for a 17-yard touchdown, giving them a 13 lead. Simpson added a lovely little celebration to his score, giving it a subtle hint of panache on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Cincy.

First, check out the video of Simpson’s touchdown catch from Dalton.

Simpson has shown some very good hands this season, and has become a reliable option to pair with rookie A.J. Green, who is seeing more and more double coverage these days.

That was Simpson’s third touchdown of the season. Prior to today’s game he had 36 catches for 577 yards. For Dalton, that was his 18th touchdown this season.

And how about that touchdown celebration? Behold, the Simpson Shimmy.

In addition to his hands, Simpson looks to have a nice future on the animated GIF circuit.


VIDEO: DeAngelo Williams Breaks Off 74-Yard TD Run

DeAngelo Williams is at least two years removed from being a budding star, but the Carolina Panthers running back is showing again that he's not quite washed up. The 28-year-old just broke off a 74-yard touchdown run against the Atlanta Falcons, giving the Panthers a 16-7 lead on Sunday.

It was Williams third touchdown in as many weeks, after he scored two touchdowns two weeks ago. On this one, it was pretty simple. Williams took a handoff, followed his blockers and then turned on the speed. He was barely touched as he worked his way down the sidelines.


VIDEO: Alphonso Smith Interception Pads The Score For Detroit

Detroit Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith picked off Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and returned it 30 yards for a touchdown. That gave Detroit a 28-7 over the two-win Vikings.

Check out the video of Smith’s pick six right here.

That was the first interception of the season for Smith, a third-year cornerback out of Wake Forest.

Smith’s touchdown was the score for Detroit’s defense, a unit that has made life miserable for Christian Ponder, the Vikings’ rookie quarterback. Stephen Tulloch scored a touchdown by recovering a forced fumble in the end zone early in the game.


Patriots Vs. Redskins: Santana Moss Scores On Fake End Around

When Rex Grossman took a sack and fumbled in his own end zone, it looked like this Patriots vs. Redskins matchup could get ugly in a hurry. Naturally, the Redskins took a 17-14 lead on a pass from wide receiver Brandon Banks to Santana Moss on a fake end around to open up the second quarter on Sunday afternoon.

This is a video you've got to see:

The problems with the Patriots secondary have been well-documented this season. The Pats are dead last in the NFL in pass defense this season, and were caught completely out of position by this trickeration.

As for Moss, luckily he didn't celebrate in the same manner as Jabar Gaffney, who was completely left hanging (crashing?) by the home crowd at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. Ouch:

For more on this game, be sure to follow our Patriots vs. Redskins StoryStream. For more on the Redskins, please visit Hogs Haven. For more on the Patriots, please visit SB Nation Boston and Pats Pulpit.


VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Sets NFL's Single-Season Record For Touchdowns By A Tight End

Rob Gronkowski is having a breakout season for the Patriots as a favorite target of Tom Brady. In fact, he's having arguably the best season by a tight end ... ever. Gronkowski broke the record for most touchdown catches in a single season by a tight end with an 11-yard TD catch, No. 14 on the season, in the first quarter vs. the Redskins on Sunday afternoon.

The touchdown produced a classic moment as Gronkowski gave the football his signature "Gronk Spike," but then realized it was the record-setting ball and tried to grab it out of the air. Check out the video:

Gronkowski has been a revelation in New England this season. How unreal is he? Check out the video of the rumbling, bumbling catch that set up the touchdown on this drive. It's even better than the record-setting grab.

For more on this game, be sure to follow our Patriots vs. Redskins StoryStream. For more on the Redskins, please visit Hogs Haven. For more on the Patriots, please visit SB Nation Boston and Pats Pulpit.


VIDEO: Josh Freeman Touchdown Run Doubles Bucs Lead

Don’t look now, but here come the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After scoring a first quarter touchdown run by LeGarrette Blount, the team’s first offensive touchdown in the first quarter all season, Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman added a touchdown of his own on a 13-yard scramble through the middle.

Check out Freeman’s scoring run in this video:

That was Freeman’s third rushing touchdown of the season.


VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Breaks Tackles, Redskins Defense On Long Catch-And-Run

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has broken out as one of the NFL's best tight ends and most exciting offensive players in 2011 as Tom Brady's go-to tight end. Plays like the nutty catch-and-run he had in the first quarter against the Redskins in Week 14 are part of why everyone seems to love the guy many call Gronk.

Gronkowski made a catch while falling down, got back up, broke two tackles, and rumbled all the way to the Redskins' 11. After a replay review, it was confirmed that Gronkowski was neither down by contact nor out of bounds at any point of the run.

Better yet for Gronkowski: he caught a touchdown pass on the next play to score his 14th touchdown of the season, setting a new NFL record for touchdown catches by a tight end in a single season.

For more on Gronkowski and New England, visit Patriots blog Pats Pulpit.


VIDEO: Cam Newton Doing It Every Which Way

Cam Newton has had no shortage of highlight-reel plays during his rookie season. The Carolina Panthers quarterback just had another one against against the Atlanta Falcons. On first-and-goal from the 6, Newton faked a draw, stopped just behind the line of scrimmage and then lofted a perfectly placed throw to Jeremy Shockey for a go-ahead touchdown.

It was Newton's 14th touchdown throw of the season. That's significant if for no other reason than it gives him an equal number of touchdown throws as interceptions.


VIDEO: Rex Grossman Fumble Gives Patriots Lead Vs. Redskins

Oh, Rex Grossman. Bad Rex showed up early in the Washington Redskins game vs. the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. With the Redskins operating out of their own end zone, Grossman dropped back on third and long and was sacked, fumbled and watched the Patriots recover the ball to take a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.

Here's video of the disaster:

Andre Carter, facing his old team, was the man who got to Grossman on the pass rush and forced the fumble. Vince Wilfork recovered the ball for the touchdown. The Redskins offensive line took a hit this week without Trent Williams, who is suspended for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

For more on this game, be sure to follow our Patriots vs. Redskins StoryStream. For more on the Redskins, please visit Hogs Haven. For more on the Patriots, please visit SB Nation Boston and Pats Pulpit.


VIDEO: Titus Young 57-Yard Touchdown

The Detroit Lions offense was not content to let the defense do all of the scoring against the Minnesota Vikings today. A Stephen Tulloch fumbled recovery gave Detroit an early lead. Matt Stafford and Titus Young added another touchdown to the lopsided score.

Stafford hit the speedy Young on the deep left side of the field to give the Lions their second touchdown of the game.

Video of Young’s touchdown for your viewing pleasure.

That was Young’s third touchdown of the season, and his longest one to date. Young has emerged a complementary deep threat for the Lions offense. A Boise State product, Young was a second pick by the Lions in this year’s draft.

That was Stafford’s 28th touchdown pass of the season. He added number 29 later in the first quarter with a touchdown pass to tight end Brandon Pettigrew.

A win today would keep the Lions in the Wild Card chase.


VIDEO: Brandon Marshall Makes Nifty TD Catch, Gives Dolphins Early Lead

Brandon Marshall has quietly turned in a pretty solid season, heading into Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles with 910 yards receiving. The reason it has been quiet, though, is because he has just three touchdowns. He at least added to that total this week, catching an early 16-yard pass from Matt Moore.

It was a nice catch by a receiver who has been a bit mercurial during his NFL career. Moore lofted a fade into the far corner and Marshall was able to run under it, while keeping his feet in bounds.

As big as that catch may have been for Marshall, it was just as big for Moore, another player who has quietly put together a solid run of success recently. That was his 10th touchdown throw of the season and his ninth in the past six games. Moore may not be anyone's idea of a stud fantasy option, but he is proving to be a decent stand-in.


VIDEO: Stephen Tulloch Touchdown Gives Detroit An Early Lead

The Detroit Lions defense is playing a little shorthanded today, with Nick Fairley out and Ndamukong Suh serving his stomping suspension. Shorthanded or not they came up big early, putting Detroit on the board with a touchdown on a fumble recovered in the Vikings end zone.

Check out the video of Stephen Tulloch pouncing Cliff Avril’s forced fumble.

Rough start for Christian Ponder. The Vikings’ rookie quarterback lost that fumble on their first offensive play of the game. Lions defensive end Cliff Avril brought him down at the two-yard line, an eight-yard loss, and forced the fumble that his teammate recovered with some quick thinking.

The Vikings lost a late one to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos last week. They’re battling the Rams for the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Lions have stumbled lately. They’re in a dog fight to make the playoffs after starting the season with an impressive winning streak.

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